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Mary Lou Fletcher
To write is not a lifestyle choice, to write is a compulsion.
To write is not a lifestyle choice, to write is a compulsion.

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Dear writers,
I haven't been on Google for a while but I find myself in a difficult situation and needing some advice. What's more, we writers are an allusive lot and it's been hard for me to find people who will understand the issues I'm facing!
Anyway, due to lots of different reasons (which are much to long and depressing for this post) I am having a lot of problems with emotional exhaustion and worry at the moment. Mix this with a healthy dose of anxiety (which is improving slightly with treatment) and I am having a tough time concentrating on bringing myself to write anything- not to mention writing what I want/ need to.
It seems that every time that I try, all of my problems jump to the forefront of my mind and start screaming, "Look at me, look at me!" which make it difficult for me to 'drift off' with my writing and 'visualise' what is happening with my characters.
I know that with writing sometimes you have to just plough on but when you can't even form any words because you're dreading other issues (which have no immediate resolution) what can I do?
Sorry for a rather disheartening post- especially so soon after Christmas but any advice or words of wisdom that could be offered would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
Mary Lou x

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The final part of #SummerNightCircus is now up. So excited yet sad that this series is over! xx

Feel the spontaneous need to spread some positivity. To anyone who reads this: go ahead and high five yourself, you're an amazing human being and you deserve it!

Mary Lou x

Sometimes the only way to get motivated is to just get up and do it! x

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My dog is such a poser! :) x

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Part 4 of Summer Night Circus is now available to read. If you're a fan of Young Adult fiction or Romance, why not check it out?

Mary Lou x

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Haha! For all the Harry Potter fans out there :) x
"Master has presented Dobby with a sock" XD I love Harry Potter💜

Part Three of Summer Night Circus is now up. Please go check it out, I promise you won't regret it!

Mary Lou x

Part 2 of Summer Night Circus is now live! Lease go check it out! Xx

Click here for Part 1 of Summer Night Circus! xx
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