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Good Morning
I'm feeling much better today and a little more optimistic about things in general and about my friendship with Rick.  Even tho we bicker and argue, the arguments don't last long anymore.  I'm still hearing lectures about my driving and how I don't pay atte...

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I plan on giving my bike a good bath today
I was so upset with myself after the accident yesterday that I didn't even put my motorcycle away in the building and left it out all  night long.  Rick was nice enough to leave the building unlocked for me when he got home and saw my bike in the driveway, ...

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Accidents Happen
I had a collision with an SUV yesterday, but that won't stop me from riding.  I was thankfully not hurt seriously as could have happened when a motorcycle collides with an SUV.  I am a little sore here and there, but there are no broken bones.   The man in ...

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Happy Birthday Rick!

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Bikes of all sizes
I'm taking a break right now.  I've been outside for 4 1/2 hours mowing and weed eating, but I'm not finished with the weed eating yet.  I just needed a snack so I decided to post some pictures that I took of our rides in the last two days and also of some ...

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I don't fry chicken for just anyone.....
I logged on here and after about 5 seconds a song started playing in the background for no apparent reason.  It just started on its very own like a phantom.  I'm very familiar with this song because it's one of my favorites.  It's  Rick Astley, NEVER GONNA ...

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He's not lazy, that's for sure!
Although he lives with pain, there is one thing that I can say for sure about him.....He's not lazy, but he can't do what he used to do and these pictures were compiled over the last 24 months or so.   His pain has gotten worse and it takes him longer to re...

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Great-grandson's search for knowledge
My great-grandson Carson amazes me sometimes with the knowledge he possesses at such a young age, but I guess he's not as young as I think he is.  He's going to be in First Grade in a year or two. He text me the other day asking me if I knew what our state ...

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Hot and Sunny
Today Rick & I went out riding our mopeds and along the way we stopped and asked Tommy to come along and ride with us.  We all had a very enjoyable ride.  We rode to Richmond, Ky. from Berea, taking the back country roads, and we ended up at the closest McD...

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Great Visit
I was pleasantly surprised to have two visitors last weekend.  Natasha had been at a camp at Eastern Kentucky University for a few days and Allison stopped by and picked her up when camp was over.  We got to watch a wonderful display of some of the things t...
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