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Robyn Hatcher
The Oprah of Communication Skills Training!
The Oprah of Communication Skills Training!

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Robyn Hatcher's SPEAK YOU Class! - A Public Speaking Bootcamp!
 by Sarah Solomon, Social Media, Marketing, SpeakEtc.   A few
weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining Robyn at her first ever Speak You event right here in NYC. During this 4-hour interactive workshop, Robyn dug
deep into the world of effective communicati...

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Sharing Your Story - 3 Women who Turned Misfortune into Mission & How you can too
by Robyn Hatcher I
often talk about how important it is to share your personal story or - Embrace
your Albatross as I called it in my recent Keynote Speech. As
a member of New York Women in
Communications (NYWICI) -   an
organization of professional women i...

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What analogies do you use in describing your business?

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Digging for Communication Gold
I’m captivated every 2 years when the Olympics roll around.
Winter or Summer, I’m hooked.   It’s such
a testament to the human spirit and to our incredible potential. I was struck by footage of Michael Phelps studying video of
a previous race. It was amazin...

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A Whiz Kid and a Villain Enter a Presidential Race... Communication Styles of our Candidates
“To effectively communicate w e must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive
the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with
others.”   Anthony Robbins When preparing to write my book on presentation skills, I

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Need to polish your presentation skills? I'm here to help! LIVE workshop in NYC April 7th. Limited class size for maximum class participation. Bring what you want to work on and get individualized coaching and feedback! EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS TOMORROW!!

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Why "Be Authentic" is Bad Advice
I’m not sure when the word authentic became the ubiquitous adjective it is today. (I somehow suspect Oprah had something to do with it.) Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to read anything or listen to anyone speak about communication, leadership, presentatio...

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