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It's Gutter Cleaning Season

Now that the snow and ice seem to be gone for good, you may be wondering what improvements you can do to your home to maintain its function. If you don’t have many ideas in mind, you should consider starting with the outside of your home. Even though it’s not the area that you’d normally start, you don’t want to overlook any issues. Since the weather is warmer and the start of spring is just a few short days away, you may want to get a professional gutter cleaning.

Gutters are one of the most important exterior components of a home. They keep rainwater from pooling up on top of your roof and from around the foundation. When gutters are not functioning properly because they are damaged or too old to be of good use, the amount of damage that can occur to your property can be catastrophic.

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You Can't Go Wrong with this Renovation Advice

When it comes to renovations, you can’t go wrong with the right improvements. There are so many things for you to take into consideration when making your plans. If you’re ready to break out of the winter blues, now is a good time for you to get started on your springtime home improvements. Check out the following renovation ideas for some inspiration.

Upgrade the Electrical
It doesn’t matter if you live in a relatively new home or one that is several decades old. You should have your electrical wiring inspected and upgraded every five to seven years. Your electrical needs are not going to be the same as they were several years to go because you may have upgraded and replaced some of your appliances and electronics during that time frame. Electrical wiring standards and regulations change periodically and the best way to keep your home from becoming susceptible to electrical fires is for you to keep the electrical wiring updated.

Add Some Space
Throughout the years, you may have realized that your home has some potential that you want to take advantage of. Now that you’ve got the opportunity to renovate the place, you should consider adding or removing some walls to create the space you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re not ready to remove any walls, you do have the option of adding additional rooms. Before you make any final decisions regarding your space, you should get a professional second opinion from a contractor you can trust about any design ideas you are considering.

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Home Improvement Resolutions

If you, like most people have made some resolutions for the new year to help you meet your goals, don’t forget to add some that can improve your home. You live there year-round and there is no reason it should be lacking in any aspect. You make resolutions each year to get in shape to improve your body and appearance, this year it’s time for you to do something new. Once you’ve added that to your list of resolutions, start your search for a Nashville home improvement contractor you can trust to get the job done right.

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All Season Rooms: Enjoy the Season Without Going Outside
If your home has a sunroom or three season room, you may be wondering how you can maximize its potential. Even though it’s the dead of winter, there’s no reason why you can’t get some kind of use out of this space until it is warm enough for you to have your local renovation service to upgrade it. Three season rooms are designed to be used for three seasons out of the year, usually spring, summer and fall. Four season spaces or all season rooms are ideal for all seasons.

Upgrading the Possibilities
Generally speaking, rooms that are made to be used for three seasons are cheaper to build than all season rooms because they do not necessarily require heating. They have different types of glass, insulation and heating and cooling systems. Of course, homeowners can make their own modification such as adding portable heaters and insulation so they can enjoy these areas. However, anyone who is looking to use this space for several seasons in a row should consider having it professionally upgraded it into a four-season room.
Enhancements to Improve Comfort and Warmth

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time cooped up inside. You don’t have to make plans to go anywhere either. If your season room was previously only used during the warmer months, you may want to upgrade from single pane windows to double pane ones. This helps to add an extra barrier between the inside of the room and the outside cold. There’s no need to worry about how this will affect your space when it gets warmer outside. You can always just open up the windows when you need to allow fresh air in.

When the sun is shining, leave the curtains and blinds open so you can allow the light from the sun to heat the room. Make sure you have blankets, pillows, candles and some place to store them. You don’t want to end up searching for these items when you are trying to get warm and cozy during the winter. You should invest in furnishings and patio accessories that can add some additional comfort, warmth and style. Make the room as comfortable as possible so you and your family will feel more inclined to use it.

Don’t Overlook Flooring Options
Consider the flooring. Moisture tends to run rampant in many homes. It’s a good idea for you to invest into tile flooring or some other type of flooring material that is impervious to moisture, cold and heat. That way you won’t have to replace your floors as often, if at all.

Even though you don’t have a four season room, there is no reason why you can’t put your three season room to good use. When you are ready to have your room upgraded, make sure you hire the best and most reputable home renovation service in Tennessee. Make sure you check their references and their portfolio. Make sure their past work includes all season rooms. Make sure they are bonded, insured and fully protected so you have the peace of mind you need to rely on their services.


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