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Kevin Curley
Part-time marketing, part-time homemaker
Part-time marketing, part-time homemaker

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Exactly what we don't need.
There are even action figures of the GOP candidates ... AND ones that talk.

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I love that The Atlantic put this out there; apparently from #ONA11. Someone should put one out on jumping on a Yahoo! trend. Only trick I know: Repeat the keyword/s in three places. Do you know what are those three places?

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Universal Giving, friends of the Monitor, and a charity/giving vetting program, have compiled a list of direct ways you can help those affected by the famine in Somalia. Check out this post on Tumblr

News consumers who follow topics based on headlines often miss the point. The Monitor posted a blog "Hey, that Norwegian terrorist has a point!" The contents are interesting, but since no one reads beyond the headline, we have people sending replies that blame us for poor taste.

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Not a bad month for getting things early. First Google+, then Spotify.

One thing I don't like about Google+: the privacy settings are wonky. I heard Zuck agrees with me.

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When asked if this is fatal to News International, the 2008 Murdoch biographer responds with:

"Fatal" seems harsh. I think the company is not going to die because of this, but it may well be true [that it is fatal] to the [current] management of this company. I don't know how James Murdoch can recover from this. I think his credibility is damaged. As for Rupert: What did he know? One of the things we're also seeing is Rupert looks his age. There are legitimate questions that can be asked about who's running things.

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Great piece from Salon. Some good meat and easy to read - no clicking to the next page. Now if I can get a program that knows when I am at the end of a scroll and will move the page for me. That way, I can continue reading and eat my Classic burrito from Boloco.
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