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Milton Lewis Smith jR SA
Works at i wish i had a job im social security. Self employed
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This is Humbily uttered....... I'm a multi Trillionaire! I make 14 Million Dollars a day. 583,333.333 Everyhour. 405 Dollars Second.
  • i wish i had a job im social security. Self employed
    Never went to the army. never signed the final waiver never went west virginia, present
I went to tiny town cedar grove quimby oak b. Gale Wilson Fairfield high Fairfield suisun adult school and I graduated from west contra costa adult. I'm not an informant for the federal government I'm Lucy ham bricks son. Never went yo the military.
Bragging rights
I went to three different high schools Fairfield High Fairfield Sui-Sun Adult School and West Contra Costa Adult School.No Hiv. No Nortay. Not Married. 14 kids. I'm the richest man in the world. What do I need to brag for ?