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Flash Fiction: "Don't...
"Don't go out there!" she cried.   He looked back over his shoulder reassuringly: "Hey. This is me," he said, shouldering his shotgun and securing the door firmly behind him.   She heard him moving softly away. Minutes passed in silence. There were sounds i...

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Flash Fiction: In...
In my youth, I saw them often. They came, through the trees at the foot of the garden, and gazed upon the house. Once, I saw my mother go and speak with them; an exchange of bundled items, I fancied, and then a parting. When I spoke to my mother of it, she ...

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So in our Aberrant game I have just bought the "Quantum Construct" power, which lets you manifest creatures to do your bidding. This is the guy who inherited his powers from a former 13-year-old child Nova; summoning magical unicorns is part of her Rainbow Princess power set, and while it's not something he's focussed on thus far, I figured I should at least pick it up.

(Besides, Aberrant really rewards you for picking up new powers. The ability to do something completely new almost always beats out a paltry incremental increase in something else, and is massively cheaper.)

The way it works is, a basic success means you can create a sheep-sized creature, and additional successes make it larger. These successes can be spent on other things instead of size - split into multiple creatures, or spent on buying your creature powers and abilities of its own.

My dice pool is pretty low so I expect to be getting 1-2 successes on average, and anyway, I'd rather summon a sheep-sized unicorn that can fly or shoot lasers at you than a slightly larger unicorn that can do shit.

either way, expect to be seeing a lot of this guy

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For anyone who may not yet be aware

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Weird Things I Say #6
"__ do not work that way!" Often quoted while watching bad movies, or just in general.

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Sometime's Google Play's track recognition throws up some interesting perculiarities. For instance, it's decided that Goldfinger's 99 Red Balloons comes from the soundtrack to EuroTrip, so when I play it online I get a snippet of dialogue from the movie at the end (the big about swearing from the middle of this clip).

I'm trying to decide whether to report it as the wrong track or not. I kind of like it.

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Have you ever shared a photo publicly on Google Plus?  Public images are public (and, moreover, may be used by Google).

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It turns out my longtime GM +Nanouk Harper​​ kept a bunch of my old character sheets! Largely for the drawings on the back, apparently.

Dude on the left is from Werewolf: The Forsaken, I remember him as a real wannabe hard man chav kid who was, at core, very much a beta wolf. So he had a katana - one from a home design store that he'd sharpened and would probably break the first time he hit anything with it - and talked a lot of talk but was desperate for the approval of whoever was actually in charge. Yeah, he had daddy issues. I think he had a tragic backstory where he had, on first change, unintentionally slaughtered his actual absentee father, immediately after a touching reunion. I forget the details. Possibly his father was the werewolf who bit him. Possibly I am thinking of Being Human.

Dude on the right I have no idea about but apparently I went through a phase of hoodies and tiny beard. Possibly he's the same guy, a year on? I do recall a bit of time skip in the game. I don't think I would have changed the shape of his face so much, though.

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Weird Things I Say #5
"Yeah, boys!" This is not so much weird as momentarily odd, and as a pop culture reference it falls short of being recognizable or even particularly unique by a long way. It is a weird thing I say, however, and it has its origins in a particular passage fro...

Giving up on the Google Now launcher, again.

I enjoyed the "OK Google" integration and the extra home screen real estate the built-in search bar gave me. But after a while I noticed it was taking longer and longer to load the home screen when exiting apps - I'd get my wallpaper with the app drawer icon at the bottom and icons would slowly pop into existence. Not very satisfying so, ultimately, it had to go.

Google Now is only a home button up-swipe away, anyway.
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