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This Blog Has Moved!
We have combined the blog and website and it may now be found here:

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Travel by Train - Stop or Station?
Union Station, Los Angeles, CA Train travel is probably my favorite. I sometimes consider the logistics of ditching the truck and trailer and moving around exclusively by train. Of course, then there are Mr. Cuddles and Mrs. Susie; having to rent a place if...

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CHAPTER 48: Work and Prayer
     Idleness is the enemy of the soul;
and therefore the brethren ought to be employed in manual labor at certain
times.   At other times, they should read
spiritual books.   If, however, the needs
of the place, or poverty should require that they do the h...

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Robyn Dolan commented on a post on Blogger.
Did not realize there was a difference between the abbot and the prior. 

"And if talking them through doesn’t work, there is Benedict’s own advice at the end of this chapter: be quiet and be submissive.  I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but sometimes, the incentive is more important than you are.  Wall street may run on greed, but the Church runs on love."  If only we could remember and practice this more often.

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How To Find Mass on the Road
Inside Stella Maris, Goose Island, Texas I still am getting used to the idea of using my smartphone instead of paper maps, telephone books and a cell phone.  Everything evolves around here, especially with rving full-time and relying heavily on modern techn...

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Big Church Little Church
I have to admit, I am partial to little churches and missions. My "home" congregation consists of about 60 families. I like the intimacy, the colorful characters, even the feuding. To me, it is so much more like a family. Yes, we have our differences, we fr...

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Things have changed again with our Mobile Internet Adventures:

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And One Last Word on Mobile Internet...
Update: Things have changed since I wrote my first two mobile internet posts. My Straight Talk hotspot died again, and rather than continue to replace it every 6 months, I looked into  Verizon  prepaid, as we had recently experienced using a smart phone as ...

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Public Wifi vs. Personal Hotspot
Some notes about public wifi. We have
relied on public wifi quite a bit. From libraries, to McDonald’s, Denny’s to
the hockey rink, public wifi is great for checking email, playing games like
Words With Friends, or keeping up with social media. But for thin...
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