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Helps you better understand Social Media
Helps you better understand Social Media

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Watch it till the black circles switch places ;)
by Bees And Bombs:

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The Dashboard for your Google+ Pages

Many users are asking us how to get the CircleCount Dashboard for your Google+ Business Pages.
Since we don't get access to the Pages API (and we never got any feedback why) we want to explain how you can get the dashboard for your Google+ Pages with a simple workaround.
By following the 9 steps described below you can verify easily on CircleCount that you are a manager of the page.

You can try it out here:

This dashboard is free for everyone.

The Dashboard PRO is more detailed and faster. Check out the demo here:
This is available for your Google+ Business Pages as well.

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#CirclesCounted: 64

Bruce Lee and 64 circles in one post?
We have to reshare this post ;)

Thanks for sharing +Corina Marinescu!
All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.
~ Bruce Lee

Animation by Charlie Deck

#math #pattern #processing #animation #geometry

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Are you a surviver survivor? ;)

Check out this and many other great shirt in our shop:

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Google+ Android Update
Are you using Animated GIFs via GBoard?

btw: Congratulations for your first post on Google+ +Andrew Brenner ;)
G+ Android version 9.6.0: Support for GBoard Animated GIFs

Starting today with version 9.6.0 of the G+ Android client, we are enabling a new feature: support for adding animated GIFs to your posts and comments using Gboard! Now it’s easy to find and send an Animated GIF for the perfect reaction.

We hope you have as much fun using this new feature as we did in developing and testing it!

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#CirclesCounted: 11

Thanks for sharing +Daniel Fitzgerald!
+CircleCount​ here's some circles that I found on giphy. :-P
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Do you want to become a Beta Tester for Google+?

Here you go...
Become a Beta Tester for Google+

If you’re a user who’s as passionate for Google+ as we are, apply to become a beta tester for our product. We’re looking for people who want to test out new features, as well as discuss with our product team and fellow beta testers how to make Google+ the place to share your interests. Want to know what it takes?

Here’s what we’re looking for:
● Active poster on Google+
● Motivated to learn more about Google+ and contribute to product discussion
● Eagerness to provide high level feedback on our product

If you’re interested in applying, fill out the application form. Thanks!

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Offline Posting on iOS

Are you using Google+ on iOS?
How do you like this update?
Offline Posting with Smart Retry

We’re excited to announce a major performance improvement for G+ on iOS. We’ve introduced the ability to post while offline or with a low quality connection. Your post will automatically go through once your connection improves. This has already shown a 60% decrease in post failures from iOS devices, which means less frustration in posting to your favorite Collections & Communities when you aren’t at your computer. Happy sharing :)

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Here is +ŠÁRKA CUPEROVÁ with some great photos.
Thanks for using CircleCount and sharing your best pictures with us Šárka!

Get your Year 2016 Review at:

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