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That's the question on the minds of pretty much everyone in the news industry. And that's the question Tim Ruder, Neil Pharazyn and I were discussing when we came up with the idea for the Goog...
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Great resource Dale. Very useful for those interested in reporting, or Making news. While I'm at it, Jane Wilson says you are a great guy. Very smart. Would you be interested in being on a committee to help Provo make a 'silk purse' out of iProvo? The potential there is E FRICKIN NORMOUS! But there is no real vision... yet. Thanks, Andrew Wilson
Andrew, thank you for the kind comments. Jane is nice to say that. Right back at her!

Sorry, but I'm not in a position to help on the iProvo project. I'd love to, but I just have too much on my plate right now. Thanks for asking.
Sorry to hear you are so busy, but happy for you that you have such "job security". hahahah
Could you suggest anyone up BYU way who is up to speed on the potential of gigabit streaming and who might be interested in helping with iProvo?
Maybe Quint Randle would be able to help.
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