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Web Analytics and optimization specialist
Web Analytics and optimization specialist

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Goede zaak dat Google+ nu ook op iOS 5 goed werkt. Mooie app ook

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Five reasons analytics in your company stinks....

1. Your leadership lacks imagination as to what's possible with Digital Marketing.

2. You don't have a Digital Marketing & Measurement Model.

3. A distinct lack of web savvy in the people running Digital (marketing & analytics) in your company.

4. Your analytics people are Javascript gods subsumed by configuring evars and events etc and justify their existence on their ability to tweak Omniture's (/GA's / WT's) code. [Alternative version: Your Analysts are Implementers.]

5. Your / their / our failure to prioritize.

What else would you add in the topmost reasons your company is not data driven?


Helpful links: #1: #2: #4:

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I'm looking for your vision on the effects of Google+ and Google+1 (botton) on SEO and Search Engine marketing in general ** for a blogpost **

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Wordpress 3.2 update done, kinda like the new Dashboard design.

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How nice: FlashToHTML5 replaces the CPU and memory hogging YouTube Flash Player with a HTML5 player within Safari.

Running some Wordpress 3.2 updates. Quite curious for the Dashboard redesign

Merk dat ik nog niet veel deel op Google+ maar dat het wel het platform is wat ik het eerst bekijk op m'n mac. Op de iPhone is Twitter en Facebook nog in de lead. Misschien komt het door dat de app ontbreekt... we will see
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