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The Crisis Show
The Crisis Show airs via Google Hangouts and the FIR Podcast Network.
The Crisis Show airs via Google Hangouts and the FIR Podcast Network.

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Host +Rich Klein Crisis Management will be joined by Mike McKenna of +TEAM Solutions to discuss disaster response/recovery in the aftermath of the #earthquake in the Middle East and the dangerous floods in Texas that followed Hurricane Patricia. 

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+Ruth Sherman +Greg Brooks +Shel Holtz & +Tripp Frohlichstein 
join host +Rich Klein  for a no-holds barred preview of the Republican candidates' communication skills and reputation. And we'll also go across the aisle to offer analysis on the Democratic field for #POTUS . 

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Looking for past audio only episodes of #TheCrisisShow? We're rolling them out throughout Summer 2015. Here's the first batch:

Today marks the start of our 4th year on air. Thanks to all the amazing guests and our loyal audience in more than 100 countries around the world. Special thanks to +Bernstein Crisis Management and +Melissa Agnes who started the journey with me and to +Mike McKenna +Greg Brooks  +Felix Nater +Shel Holtz +Tripp Frohlichstein +Ralph Fisk +Ruth Sherman +William Marler 
+James Walker +Krishna De +Cheryl Byrne 
who have continued that journey with me as regular guests more recently. 

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No show tonight but here's a good re-run on #Ferguson  that may hold some   #crisisPR  and #crisismanagement  tips for #Baltimore
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