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Kris Koskelin
Internet Engineer / Neighborhood geek
Internet Engineer / Neighborhood geek

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Any of my readers ever toy around with XBMC?  Wondering how much processing horsepower is needed, what kind of experience you've had with deploying & using it.

Just re-watched episode 5, season 1 of ST:TNG featuring "The Traveler".  Oh, +Wil Wheaton , that really was great fun, but I'm so sorry about what wardrobe did do you with those sweater-things.

Looking at finding the holy grail of websites... minimized hosting cost (doesn't have to be free, but gosh, that WOULD be a bonus), allows me to bring my own domain name (already registered), and has the simplest learning curve ever for administering your own site/blog.  It doesn't have to be super feature-rich (though abilities to upload or pull-in images would be very good), but something that almost anyone could learn to use.  There may be multiple administrators at any one time, and the pool of administrators is likely to evolve roughly once per year.  Small non-profit group of volunteers.  Thoughts?

Anyone familiar with some modern (and free) DNS services like OpenDNS that would allow me to configure a router to selectively block large categories of sites (social networking, games, etc)?  Is OpenDNS the best way to do it if I'm lazy and cheap?  :)

Punk must have thought he was out-geeking me, trying to explain what 'grep' is and how it works.  *pats head*

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Visiting and I get "Could not connect to the database".  irony++.

loginterruption (n): what happens when your software development grinds to a halt because an authentication service out of your control becomes unavailable.

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Just discovered a really neat coding collaboration site called Floobits.  It's even got an integration with Google Hangouts, so you can hang out while everyone looks at the Floobits collaborative coding in the main content.  Pretty cool, and free.  Plugins for Emacs and Sublime editor.  Hoping they make one for Eclipse, too.

Dear @XKCD, I don't exactly know what I'm supposed to wait for.  I think your script is broken.  I'll have to wait for the Cliff's Notes version.

I'm pretty sure the security holes in Java are just Oracle's excuse to push their stupid McAfee toolbar installer in each update.
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