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"Keys for Cash" - Squatting Foreclosed Homes For Profit
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Please get any cash for keys agreement in writing. Banks and their agents frequently offer what appears to be a cash for keys offer and then renege when the tenants move. End of quote from >

Tenants and Foreclosure: What is Cash for Keys?
Feb 1, 2012 – Tenants and Foreclosure

( I do have macular degeneration and have posted what I can) It is always about the money and you can "turn a profit" with this squatting like they have in Seattle
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Back when I lived in Seattle, some of the people that were an "off shoot" of "WHEEL/SHARE" and the mobile "Tent City" were squatting houses, getting the Deeds and setting them up for low cost housing. Like a Boarding or rooming house that rented bedrooms (converting other rooms into bedroom) with a common kitchen and bath.
The best presentation is to show a bank and or a city official that such houses can turn a profit Some of the people at your local "Small Business Association" might be able to help write a "business plan" / "proposal" and
check out S.C.O.R.E.
One suggestion: wear a hat, just so you can take it off to show respect when you meet the retired businessman that volunteer at S.C.O.R.E.

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Seattle Housing and Resource
We are partner organizations of homeless and formerly homeless men and women.All of our efforts are self-managed; run by the homeless members themselves.We are King County's largest shelter network, with 15 indoor shelters and 2 Tent Cities.In addition to shelters and Tent Cities, we facilitate a Storage Locker Program and a Housing-For-Work Program called SHARE2.We are not a social service organization; we are a self-help group.

Additional note I highly recommend:>

Real Change News
Seattle WA homeless newspaper, written, published and sold by the homeless

Historical facts :
Back in the early - mid 1990's, WHEEL/SHARE got city council members elected after they started a huge social protest and started their first Tent City. They even got a State Senator (Kohl I think it was) elected.
But W/S also had some in fighting and their own political problems with some people being forced aside.
*Still, all in all, I do not know of a better example for squatting". Though other self governing methods can work, the best report that I know of about that is in the National Coalition for the Homeless report on "Tent Cities" on the West Coast at
Tent Cities in America: A Pacific Coast Report