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International Cyber Weapons Agreement (Treaty) Is Needed
By +Eugene Kaspersky  chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab,news-15313.html
Kaspersky Lab that found the Flame Virus

A "situation" that is urgent:
Stuxnet Will Come Back to Haunt Us   
A Weapon We Can’t Control, 
By MISHA GLENNY New York Times Jun 24, 2012

The Guardian's Top 20: fighters for Internet Freedom with a Circle of the ones I could find on Google+
Please note that I added +Eugene Kaspersky  to the Circle  because his corporation found the Flame Virus and his calls for an International Cyber-Weapons Treaty 

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The world needs to come to an agreement over cyber weapons just like it has with nuclear and biological weapons. Just as there are international agreements over nuclear and biological weapons, there n...
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