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Proud Army Wife
Proud Army Wife

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For moderators and owners on veterans community

Trolls have got to learn they will be the ones to block me. :)

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As a millenial, I honestly cannot believe I am saying this. My husband and I just became officially debt free homeowners (mortgage and loan free). Both of us have have no college loans or credit card debt as of today as well. All of this is thanks to God, family, and US Army. 

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Homemade Clothes Softener Made with Rosemary Herbs
So I found this recipe some time ago, but never got around
to posting it. I love it a lot and it actually enhances the cleaning power of
my liquid laundry detergent recipe, as in it helps get rid of the really bad
smells in my husband’s ACU (Army Camouflage...

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Homemade Washing Machine Cleaner
So you just washed your clothes and the still stink and so
does the washer. Chances are it is not the detergent you are using rather it is
the washer itself. So how do you clean the behemoth of an appliance? That is
more simple than most people think and sh...

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+Ugnius Treciokas +Butch Terlizzi +Dantheman +John H +H Pn+StalkMarket 2013 Inc. +ROBERT S JORDAN +Thomas Bitterling +John Apple II +JediPeaceFrog +southernman 142 +Don Taylor +Capt. Freedom +Herb. Jones +Ken St +Isaac Echeverria Here is evidence that +Joe Lancaster​ has deleted comments that had a link. Kinda hard to explain why Joe randomly tags +H Pn before his "first comment"​ in the comments on his own post and seems to respond to something that is not there in a few spots.

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