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I ask for an alchemical merge with the higher divinity.
Bringing all in this physical dimension into unity with Source, Christ Consciousness Energy, Angels and Ascended Masters of Light.

I ask you now to stand in unity with us.
As you always have and always shall.
Together may we send Love and Light of the highest order to all who need it.
I stand within my own sovereignty, empowered by my love for you and the love you hold for me and our unity this day.
May we send and receive the energy of abundance for all.

We neutralise the binding of others, and give light to those who stand for liberty.
May we unite together across our planet in love, clarity, knowing and joy.
May we send the energy of freedom to all and everything, through the frequency that we know as service-to-others.
May we send love to all individuals across our planet and beyond, regardless of colour, creed, race or polarisation.

May we stand within the power of forgiveness.
May we love all and stand strong in the confidence and knowing that our love shines bright.
May we speak truth and hold in our hearts those who stand before us and speak truth.
So as we live within truth we shall see truth and know truth.

Let us send healing throughout our world and hold strong our alignment to Christ Consciousness.

I thank the Angels, Ascended Masters and Elementals of Divine Love for the beauty and powerful light you create, as we in physical form create that same light with open hearts.

May we send at this time the Violet Flame to all who may need it this day and know that the light shines bright.
Forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love will go where it may.

In gratitude, we know our intentions are manifest.

I AM (say your name) or WE ARE (speak name of higher guidance, construct or soul group)

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This green ray, the very fabric of the fifth dimension or what we may also term 'geological fourth density' reached critical mass point around your solstice point December 21st 2012.

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Donald Trump, The Media, The Illuminati and The Starseeds

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What occurs on your planet now is unprecedented and the crescendo builds on a daily basis as you approach the March equinox date.

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Four questions asked related to current downloads starseeds are receiving. Extraterrestrial/Mothership/Mer-Ka-Bah connection (February Stargates 2017).

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The question was asked: "What should ascending lightworkers eat?"

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Starseeds reclaim that which is theirs through the understanding of polarisation and neutralisation and the equal and opposite reaction. 'The Nine' respond to the question: "You said in your book that you, the Nine, are part of the White Brotherhood and Ashtar and that you are connected to Archangel Metatron. It is my understanding that the White Brotherhood and Ashtar are Illuminati and Archangels are really Archons. You use illuminati language such as 'adept' and have used coded words that are also used by Freemasonry. The fact that you present as the number Nine is Illuminati in itself. Would you care to comment on this?"

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Meditation as a manifestation tool through the sacred ritual of the thirteen. DNA/Cellular memory activation for sacred geometric Ascension codes.

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The question was asked... I recently heard a well known extraterrestrial contactee say that the service-to-others higher energies and extraterrestrials no longer use channelling as a form of contact. He said that individuals (starseeds) are being contacted via dreams instead. How do you, the Nine, explain this when you say that you are a "service-to-others extraterrestrial collective" and yet you communicate via channelling?

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A Forum of Reality with Hosts Mike Thompson and Patrick. Episode 17- Magenta Pixie, Power Objects & Tools of Divination (Crystals, Tarot)
n this episode we talk about objects and tools that people use for divination and protection. These objects include crystals, tarot cards, Ouija boards, etc.

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