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Located on the massive vertical cliffs of Tianmen Mountain in Hunan Province, China, and rising 1,430 from the ground is a 60-meter-long bridge constructed of 2.5-inch thick glass.

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I totally understand, why one woild construct such things. What i don't get is, why someone would actually walk this. ;-)
I really wanted its detail design..
OMG dont think i would be able to do that but would be awesome to try
That glass walkway is crazy cool, but it gives me the hebejebey's! Lol!
yeah im not sire if id like to see what is underneath me that high up
I would still be scared. The CN tower in Toronto has the glass floor too..
it's like the via ferrata, but less dangerous...
Allu mo
Wow.. I know thats fun but it's so crazy...

But col
be careful dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would die from being terrified. thanks for giving me a new nightmare. lol :)
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