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Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5
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Are you kidding me..
I'm speechless...
im a happy owner of lumia 800. what a lovely device ;)
There's only a problem for me: Windows. Microsoft has done a good job this time, but in people's mind there's only the "Microsoft of Vista " and the "Microsoft of Viruses" and so on...
Anyway, is there really anything worse than an iPhone (whatevernumber) today ?
Can't imagine...
Dario, you should try windows phone. you can get your hands on in any store. i think you may be surprised in a positive way ;)
Udnaan Y
Such a true comparison. However you left out one of my favorite comparisons:
Has a decent usable operating system? Lumina 920: No | iPhone 5 No | Galaxy S3: No | Stone tablet 4000BC: Yes
completly roten compare.... no CPU, no screan detail, nothing valuable .... bulshit!
Peccato, ma dopo quello che mi ha combinato con l'N900, Nokia per me, è morta! Però ammetto che il Lumia in oggetto, è un bel telefono. 
Loving how Nokia is also joining the Samsung vs Apple troll-wagon :-)
+Anurag Wagh
OMG ! Luckily, the others never lie nor anything else... You'd better use something more...pertinent?
You can be anything you want in life - but you can never be an Apple
I have the Lumia 900 - it's lovely.  I've owned iPhone's and Android devices before this. Windows Phone is one hell of an experience.  

The 920 (at the moment) will be my next phone.  I know I will be sticking to Windows Phone.  I've not experienced a nicer OS.
You need to compare apples with apples, you've selected a eclectic mix of comparisons in order to fit your agenda, you're no better than the apple fanboys. This kind cut-and-shut stifles genuine reviews and debate.
One doesn't need to be an Apple when we can be better than it =D
If only it were called iLumia :D I prefer my N9.
Put Android on that Lumia and we have a winner :)
Love the windows phone, have one my self but there are some great new ones coming up. just awesome phones in my opinion.
Yaaaawn, I love Nokia but these comparison pictures are just retarded.
I think they should keep the optical image stabilization feature on the down low after being caught faking it. tsk tsk naughty Nokia!
Dear friend show that features also in which i5 leads every phone in smart phone market..........
It would sell better if they stop featuring the yellow color in advertisements.
do u mean smart fone also loses...................... if u think so u r right
other aspects are not included, this is an unfair comparasion
you must be joking, are you saying that with all the noice I have made about my self I'm not close to equal or better than lumia
y bueno al Lumia como que le hacen falta una docena de aplicaciones esenciales para muchos usuarios.
Lumia might win against an iPhone 5 but impossible against a Samsung SIII
Nice but it is iphone and android apps that make a huge difference. Otherwise I would have gone for lumia 
If I could get Nokia camera and lens spec in an android phone...
If only Lumia 920 had a file manager like Symbian and Android, Neverthless it seems like an interesting device even though it lacks a Micro SD card which is kinda of dealbreaker for me. Anyway ATM I am happy with my nokia 701 and am not thinking about changing that
i would like to get more information concerned with lumia 920.
Monde Q
We are you app developers?! We need some app here for Windows Mobile phones! 
Lumia920 the hardware is Great  but not with w8 !!!!!!!
if this is really true, then Lumia got it almost perfect =).
Put Android on Nokia Lumia = WINNER. Beautiful device, crap OS.
a win 8 phone? LOL... well then, you forgot a row in the table named OS speed and put in "Crap" for Lumia and iPhone alike and then go buy something with android ;)
Apple phones always ise,same design s, same screem and bla bla. Just change now AP can use 4g and bla bla.. 
it's NOT about features its about BRAND !!!... i love Samsung
Apple's wak ... boycott all apple products
i5 is the wonderful phone n nathing can beat it
nothing awesome then nokia!!!!!!
there r many such feature nokia may not think of them
ya nokia rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Utter non-sense. They can also say,

Yellow Color                 Yes                     No
Runs Windows 8           Yes                     No
Is named Lumia            Yes                     No

blah.. blah... 

Nothing fanboy'ish here. Just done with the rubbish flotsam being spread around. Where were these Nokia guys when iPhone introduced the Touch Revolution? Why couldn't they - a mobile company by definition - not seed or spur it ? Same case with Samsung too. 
That's where they failed us.
Without iPhone, we would still be using the same old crappy key-based interfaces thanks to Nokia,RIM & Samsung. Now, they do make good products. Lumia is genuinely impressive no doubt, I could see it and perceive it.  But spare us from such crappy comparisons.  Por favor.
Was the same criteria used comparing both these phone, or how do they compare with other smart phone
Hahahah nice and Nokia should sue apple for coping this for the I pad and nano
L'iPhone puoi usarlo indossando alcuni guanti particolari. Lo schermo più grande del Lumia non significa per forza un miglioramento, è una cosa molto soggettiva. Per la ricarica wireless si necessita comunque sia di una presa per la corrente. Musica illimitata gratuita sempliemente scaricando una delle tante app dedicate dall'App store. Mancherà anche la tecnologia NFC, ma Passbook è una buona se non migliore alternativa. Le uniche cose per le quali mi sento di darla vinta a Nokia sono stabilizzazione ottica delle immagini e la presa per la ricarica...
iPhone fa ca gare chi la fato e un minchione !
Author can also write
Do I have it                 Yes                     No
Can I afford it             No                      No
Nokia product is not well tested specially the screen its given problem in over ran
The iphone is the McDonalds of technology. It's crap but loads of people still buy and love it.
I think if I was getting a new phone right now, this would be it, although I am sceptical about the window OS.
Nokia! Never heard people say this name for sometime! But hope they can success.
do u think that nokia can beat apple so easy , the word is software and hardware harmony this is apple
pretty much everything is better than the iphone 5.  OH WAIT.. they have a nice "bevel" on the side. ohhhhhhhh
Inder D
Any phone beats the iphone
It annoys me beyond description how such a respected phone manufacturer (Nokia) would think Windows phone is the way to go - WTF? Android is free, has a ton of apps, is easily modifiable and above all just awesome. Seriously I'd buy a Nokia iff it had android. But at the moment i wont even touch one.
Any feature you can imagine that other phones do there are 1000s of apps that will be able to do it for the iPhone, and if they dont exsist they soon will.
Therefore the features that are mentioned are mostly all pointless. the size? too bigger screen and you cant hold it. battery life is a good point tho.
Good argument, I agree that square shape will put you off a better phone. I nearly missed that, phew! Thank God I haven't put my order in. Yeah, totally.
the NFC is a null point i live in japan where lots of phones have this feature, and NOBODY uses it!
Remember , Only hardware can't do anything. You need a very good software also. And you have #windows  crap inside your phone. 
Apple is sw and hw harmony + lesser performance at unreasonable prices. Just to be precise...
Bla bla bla... iPhone rules and all of companies want to be like Apple ;) dont learn father how to make kids.
I personally like Lumia 920 more than iPhone 5, But you only posted Lumia's features and you didn't post the iPhone's
lumia 920 still on beta, its just an imagination of nokia. TROLLNOKIA
I wouldnt go for a WP8 phone but it just says everything about current status of iPhone. Previously buying iPhone got u the best phone but buying the iPhone 5 only gets u the best iPhone... And that's revolutionary ;-)
no nokia...JUST SAMSUNG GALAXY NOT! the god
I'm so tired of these types of post.... Don't forget twice the weight, fat and that you just listed great features most people will never use, I'll take off my gloves, use my credit card or passbook (I've yet to see an NFC anything ) plus Verizon just disabled wallet andI'll plug up my phone .... All without having to buy a tank, oh iCloud is free for your purchased music and that includes video (digital download from blue ray and purchased), iTunes U content, free books ect . Haters gonna hate... Lol
I've heard the Lumia comes with a truck and a man holding a big ass camera?! Talk about extra equipment ;)
iphone i better any way there is minecraft!!!?
Lumia has optical image stabilisation. iPhone 5 has software based image stabilisation. Result: iPhone 5 can work in space.
Look at features how you like; list all the Lumia ones only if you want.
Don't list how many free apps are available for each device.
Don't list how long they will be supported for.
SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
+Andy Reeves About the time I'll ever even afford to go to space, cell phones everywhere will be a thing of the past! :-) 
You'd still have to stow it away during take-off and landing:  ✓  ✓  ;-)
i dont care bout whats what ... just want one that works! 
Forget both of them.. go and buy a android 
i like chinese phone , cheaappppppppp
I've seen these things before back in 2007 when the original iPhone came out. People were laughing how you couldn't send mms with it, it didn't support video calls, didn't do this and didn't do that. Then it came and wiped the floor with everything else. It is not about features these days, pretty much all of them do way more than an average user ever needs.
Per la serie, tenetevi pure il vecchio iPhone perchè sennò vi perdete solo più di 700€ per cambiare spinotti e avere un dito in più di schermo! 
i dont have any phone man, can i have a phone?
i like the samsung galaxy nexus, its huge tho!!!
I will not disagree that the Lumia here is better than the iPhone5.  However the app ecosystem for windows phone is extremely lacking.  I'll be using my Galaxy Nexus until it is time to upgrade at which point I hope another Nexus device is out.
Cherry picking the things where the Lumia might indeed be better than the iPhone.  What if the iPhone's best features like the best color output of any smartphone were listed here?

I was a hardcore nokia fan. Wishing for nokia to be back to its best position.
with changable covers
i have it it is better than galaxy s3
what a crappy one-sided comparison!
well those are all the features that lumia has whereas apple has over 200 more features alone for ios 6
p.s: ios 6 is present on iphone 5...
Fanboy allegiances aside, facts are facts.
A Mini will get you from A to B, however many owners would love to own a Rolls Royce
Show this comparison chart to a honey badger, and guess what? Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit.
Is it true the 920 is EE exclusive in the uk?
Loved my Lumia 800! So of course. I'll prefer a Lumia over an iPhone. But nothing beats my GNex! Nokia shouldn't advertise their free unlimited music streaming because it's only available on few countries.
the shity clustered interfaces ruin all the good points you made
I am Android fan and i love Windows phone alot.
bulletproof: Nokia yes, Iphone none
This is one of the good Nokia smartphone in years..
Windows phone is a really smooth operating system looks really good, only problem is lack of apps where it's such a new operating system
I'm waiting for someone to actually list the features the iPhone5 has that the Lucia doesn't. And just an FYI, having super stickman golf on the app store does not qualify as a feature.
I seen it the other way to and iPhone 5 has 12 hours of talk time not 8
i cannot understand why a person would buy nokia phone, this is retarded!!!
I don't own either phone... I am on Android... I admit I have iPhone envy... But no desire whatsoever to go back to the dreaded OS ...
When will these manufacturers realize they can't win a spec war? Make a better device, and not better numbers on the box, then people will come. 
Seriously ! U guys comparing iPhone with Nokia !
Future Upgrades (x) - yeh, old Lumia's won't upgrade to WP8, iPhone 4S still upgrades to iOS 6
Weight (x) - Lumia weights 2.6oz more than iPhone
Design (x) - Lumia = ugly yellow brick in your pocket
Apps (x) - you mean there are apps available for WP8?!
OS (XXXXXXXXX) - WP8, sufficient argument to send Lumia to trash bin
Wireless charging (?) - huh? what for? I charge phone from laptop anyway
I like my 808, it has much the same features 
Its absolutely true. #samsung  was right about the #isheep  people. They don't buy because of the specs. They buy because "OMG! Its APPLE!!! ".
+Sterling Graham I'm with you on being tired of these endless idiot posts and comments every day. 

The anti-Apple posts aren't even informative to try to win you over like, "Oh, Android can do all of the features of the iPhone, except X,Y, & Z - but most people don't use those, BUT it can do these other 12 things and you might consider buying one next time for those reasons."

No, it's just the idiot: Apple Sucks! The Sheeple will go out and buy whatever Apple has to sell! etc..

Apple's problem is that they became king of the corporate mountain by selling nicely designed products that people want to buy. While I don't understand the weird Apple-Groupie thing (the guys/girls who just seem to hang out in the Apple Stores - kind of creeps me out a bit and I just order online because of it), the fact is: Apple created a product that, from my experience, has been easier to use, overall, and all of my stuff just synchs up. Before that it was a constant game of trying to get stuff to synch. It was a PITA.

I recognize that Android-based products are fine as well. Had they been the first to solve my problems I'd likely be using those products today. The fact that I don't use Android based products does not diminish their value.

I'm actually reading G+ less and less because of the idiot comments. Everyone think they're the most clever guy in the room when they're essentially saying nothing.

It actually reminds me a of when AOL first started allowing people to post to Usenet. It went from generally being interesting and informative, to being something like akin to an digital day care.
+Aditya Raj Bhatt True. That's why this kind of ad. doesn't make sense. The 4S wasn't the best smartphone around but the most expensive and Apple sold dozens of millions. Today people buy Apple products because they are Apple products and because not so long ago those products were the best available.
Picking my new shiny iPhone up tomorrow, and afterward, I'm going to have a big glass of Kool-Aid®, and make a toast to Roy Charles!
It is chris bro edwards call me i know its early 8322216283
Nokia iko mbele Iphone na Samsung zina ifuata uliza wanawake wengi wa ipenda sana.
But most importantly is its windows.......crappiest os evr made
Please note for wireless charging  to work you must by a Protoss Pylon :)
This is absolutely true. Apple are now falling behind in Technology.
coz it is iphone .....
originality matters a lot ........
That the day would come that even a Nokia beats the all-mighty...
I have never been impressed with Nokia, having had 4 Nokia's myself... Crappy quality, prone to hardware failure, endless software issues... And now: of all things, a Windoze os.
Ha! Very good indeed
Add me in google need friend girl 
It's just a dam phone, you talk on it not marry it.
From Nokia to Samsung, but never iPhone because of its marketing-only-policy and its all-mighty autisme
OMG iphone is the worst phone ever made... omg omg lets whine about it every second post and flood google+. /sarcasm off

HOW does this phone cause so much pain and suffering in everyones lives that don't even own an iphone? 

Do something constructive for a change other than whinging like 5 year old assholes.
Every fucking shit is better than IPhone....
Lookes good. But I would not get windows mobile again after the hd2 disaster. Android for life. And apple _.
anyway iPhone 5 is only half an inch longer.!!!! thatz it..!!!!
I would never buy a Nokia, I had nothing but problems with every Nokia phone I've owned.  I'd never buy an iPhone either though, do you have any other choices?
These are extremely trivial features and you've conveniently failed to compare many other specs. PPI, operating systems, media available.....
This is stupid. Most of those features that iPhone 5 doesn't have are useless.
If you want Apple phone buy regular cheap phone then I-POD the phone will out last the I-POD 
I think iphone5 is on a turning point now. It's time for nokia to strike back.
U're Engineer and u still dont have an android phone? LOL
                                   Doesn't have Windows Mobile
Samsung Galaxy SIII    ✓
iPhone 5                      ✓
Lumia                          ✕
Wow, there's a comparison no one else is going to make....
Guys, we're in Google Plus so we must support the Galaxy Nexus! Who knows? They might give us one for free. crosses fingers
Lou Co
Free unlimited music  !!!!!  is this true ? 
makes me want to get the Nokia.. but wait, who uses them?
I hate them both equally, however the iPhone has some distinction as being actually capable of running most mobile apps. Windows Phone apps are the biggest joke I have yet seen. You can literally hear crickets chirping in the Marketplace. I have a Windows phone and it is a complete joke in terms of getting anything done. All the hardware specs in the world are useless when you don't have squat to run on it. Android owns both iPhone and WP hands down.
iPhone don't even need to be the best to sell like crazy.. People just buy the brand. Until competitors start building premium quality phones this won't end.
Is there really any pride in saying "But it's an Apple" anymore?

Up until recently I had all Apple but then saw the light....... It's style over substance, and nothing else.
Except fir the fact its a windows phones makes all of those keep points void
if u hve less budget till 6000 or 7000 for taking android phone thn better u choose samsung pocket which has android 2.3 with 3gb internal memory its price is 6000 smthng really awsm
There is no more You Tube or Google maps on iPhone 4 4S or 5 I just got IOS6 on my CRAPPIE APPLE I am going to miss it
another new gadget just costs more and add headaches to your already limited as to how the thing works
Wayne G
Do Nokia still make phones ?
I love the UI of Windows Phone but the tinkerer in me just won't let me leave Android...not to mention that with Jelly Bean, Android has finally matched it rivals in fluidity and grace. Now I may never leave.
Not fair, all the point say features from lumia. Where's features from iPhone?
Can have it in yellow: Advantage - Lumia
Can use it with one hand: Advantage - iPhone
Speechless. Nokia rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
windows mobile ain't that bad anymore, but people are afraid of changes.
Just another new gadget that will give you a headache, and cost more than what you make every two weeks , yeah new technology ,onward and upward, right on
WIndows eco system is closed.......outside usa it is nightmare
LoL its just nokia engineers, having a headache about how to fix their sales :D
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
All comparing their shit with Apple! That says it all :)
I have iPhone 4s & Galaxy s2 and i think Lumnia 920 will be the next phone in my pocket.
Windows phone os makes all those ticks double crosses.
That's not a fair comparison if your using things you know are exclusive to that phone. Try comparing it with things the iPhone has and well see what the outcome is. 
totaly crap cmparison. you can see for yourself the huge apps for ios, powerful cpu, the greatest touch in any phone & many more! you and the persons or page that tryin to destroy iphone are jelous! cuz iphone was always the best and will be. 
Nokia needs to get a Damn Carrier (Verizon Please!!!)  ...  
i wonder which idiot is gonna buy this comparison
It's very easy to just put the features you WANT to compare but leave out the features you DON'T because you can't compare. Woeful attempt at a 'comparison'
I am drooling over a lumia now. It may  be a definite Change of look. I Got tired with Android. If Just Nokia have the modesty to make it a bit cheaper, they really can kick Apple and Sammy's butts
These two phones are totally different and it's not fair to compare them together. Each of them is created for other group of users :)
Google Music let's you sync your music collection (up to 20,000 songs) to the service and stream it for free anywhere you have internet access, no matter the device.
+saeed pourjafar how could apple have always been the best? Nokia were the world leaders in the early days of mobiles, before apple even started. Think before you comment. And how will they always be the best? Will you live forever to find out???
Lumina 920: | iPhone 5  | Galaxy S3: 
Y don't you do this Comparison?  Galaxy S3 has more  Advance. 
Everybody talks apps, apps, apps.
How many apps you use in your daily life?
Phone, mail, message, photo, music, social networks ... what else?
Both can't compare with Samsung 
Sad owner of an iPhone 4 here :( 
Tony Lu
operating system? currently still fails. 
How about using the phone for calls and messages for a change? Anything else is just a bonus.
whateva lumia not gonna for furthr wit windos os .......mek it sucks
I just hate that my Lumia 900 is so outdated now...I have only had it since May
Lumia 920 - Winner of the brochure wars!
+Clancy Potts the point is that the 'wow' phone isn't that wow and has missed a lot of features that competitors haven't, namely NFC, etc.
Bu.. bu.. but, it's not Apple!
Because everyone wants a phone compatible with gloves. Best feature Eva! Zomg!
WTF - "can use it wearing gloves" I'm not even sure if that is true given that the Nokia has a capacitive touch screen...
The world would be an incredibly dull place if we all wore the same clothes, we have a choice to wear what we want. If someone chooses an iPhone over a Lumia, or any other brand for that matter, does it really matter? Really? Welcome to the world of a free market, get over it!

Shiny is so cool. You can't have enough shiny.
My me to get an iphone
+Ravishankar Ramanathan you make a good point about Apple starting the remodelling of the phone into the smartphone, but I feel they haven't moved on much from the first iPhone whereas Samsung (and less so Nokia) have picked up the ball and run with it and have now overtaken Apple.
Nokia the brand we use to love. behind still.. Samsung are a million miles in-front. slowly catching up. would highly recommend over the iphone though.
I have the Lumia and am getting the iPhone
1 my thumbs are not as long as my index finger. Can't reach all of screen one handed.
2 I use my brothers with gloves on. Waterproof motorcycle gloves for that matter.
3 I have had wireless charging with my phones for years. Useless in the car or motorcycle (scooters included) which is where I charge mine most.
4 NFC for me has too many security problems. I have kept mine off for 2 years.
5 image stabilization. Very cool will give that to the Lumia. But my phone is not my primary camera. It is a useful tool.
6 I stream FREE music all the time now as does my brother with his iPhone. Not to mention they both come with huge cloud storage you can stream from.
7 EU plug, don't need it I am in the states. Besides you can get one off eBay for a buck.

They are both great phones but I like the little things that my brothers iPhone does that did not happen on the Lumia. Realize that I have been a strong loyal Nokia client for 13 years. I have had the 6355, c7, n9, Lumia 720 @ 820. I have always found them very well built and thought out. But I will be buying a iPhone 5 in a couple of weeks, factory unlocked. 
Apple... Failing to do what windows and android can but still charging their customers top dollar for it. This is exactly why I will never switch my comp to apple OS... Seems like you pay hundreds of dollars more for the apple sticker than the quality. I use an iPhone currently because it WAS a force to be reckoned with... Now it's passively standing by as it's competition Passes them. 
Se nokia avesse avuto il buon senso di adottare un so come android, avrebbe sbaragliato la concorrenza ora è diventato un prodotto di nicchia
Just not feeling, the Windows platform as of yet !
yeah Nokia and the N8 was the idea phone - not (wife has one so i should know being tech support at home)
10h no kidding? C6-01 burns an astonishing 11,5h... It supposed to be a phone then smart enough... 
check my profile for iphone 5 vs galaxy SIII
I'm not an apple fan boy but I do believe it should get the credit it deserves. It's up there with all the top end phones and does offer things that others can not. This photo clearly focuses only on what the Lumia 920 has that the iPhone 5 doesn't.
I am still getting a iphone no matter what.
#iOS 6 Just downloaded on iPod and am typing on my MacBook! Yes, I do like Apple.
lol talk about having a completely biased opinion!
I knew iphone 5 wasnt gonna be that good
All lies if they r correct they r rules +1 if u think appl rules
The iPhone 5 is nice but I like EVO 4G LTE better ,I like the android market since you don't have to give credit card info for free apps
Nokia used the most crappy hardware . I left Nokia after N97 which was crappy as hell. But this one seems promising. I don't
buy the comparison between iOS and Windows coz each is beautiful in their own way. Perhaps 920 will be their flagship phone after ages. Back on the game Nokia, huh?
Wireless charging?!

Have I been living under a rock or something?
choosing between one of these is like being caught between a rock and a hard place
Some how iPhone just seem too basic. Beginner would go for it. As the users mature, upgrade to android or Windows are likely.
I would still get an iPhone for some reason. Now Nokia and Android....that's a whole different story! Hopefully the guys in Nokia will wake up at some point and make this true.
Why would I even consider 3G a relevant factor? LTE is king in the USA. If you don't have it, you won't be considered.
Technology is changing day by day. its not new.
funny enough you forgot to mention at all the OS part which is needed to use the phone with the gloves, usee the NFC, unlimited service, etc. etc. 
Seriously, enough with the Apple bashing... Pick a phone you like, buy it, use it and shut up.
Wow this is awful. The worst, I've seen in post trying to insult the iPhone.
I have been still fasinated in Nokia Lumia...
See stw picknell compare list in real time !
+Lance Kawabata The fact that it includes EU Standard Charger plug (not relevant in the US) and NFC (sadly not relevant in the US), indicates this comparison is for phone buyers in Europe. Believe it or not, the rest of the world exists and uses cellphones.
Can you really use it wearing gloves? That would be killer! :D
My next phone is a Lumia
What Nokia should do is put that in the store as soon as it can!! 
Fits in the pocket Lumia 920???
Use with one hand Lumia 920???
And we all know what happened with Optical Image Stabilization advert, don't we... cough, cough fake cough.
Lets just see when the  Luma comes out and gets reviewed shall we.
If Nokia released Android phones, I wouldn't have to decide what to buy. Can't beat them on the hardware!
Hey some body just compare it from psvita 3g....
Gyro sensor 3xs
Accelerometer 6xs
Ps3 assistant
Larger screen
And most importantly its a gaming phone with high end gaming
apple is the best brand they make quality products you are all haters
+Jason Young EU standard charger = Micro USB. I use NFC on a weekly basis. So both relevant in the USA if you have the right equipment. My reference to the USA was for those of us reading the post in the USA. Thanks for the comment though...
WIndows Phone? No, thanks! 
Android is the future!
But I never saw such a powerful devise than apple.

Features doesn't mater but processing power do...
"they make quality products" lol, a zombieboy!
90% of comments regarding cellphones nowadays are: APPLE WILL SUE THEM FOR COPYING THIS OR THAT.
Let's get over it
i think lumia 920  is better them iphone 5 XD
Alan M
Lets face it, everyone has moved on except apple. 
I only wish Nokia had a better OS
The physical details are almost completely unimportant. What it comes down to is if people like Windows Phone so much more than iOS that they're willing to abandon iTunes, 700 000 apps and the iPhone specific accessories to get it. For almost all iOS-users now the answer is "no". Lumia is going to be much more appealing to Android users though I think, Android is a much more fragmented mess already and not the smoothly functioning machine that is the Apple ecosystem.
That's a little uncharitable - the phone is just fine, it does what most people want from it.  It's just that Apple haven't managed to rise above what they first created in 2007.
But its not an Apple device :-P
Apple faked more commercial than nokia. You can go search for it(I highly doubt you will). And nokia apologizes when asked about it while apple just like lol don't care.
Android sucks. But AT&T sucks I'm stuck with a Galaxy SII.
Crashes, lousy UI, etc.
Awful, except the camera is ok.
And SwiftKey is great.
Feature lists are not what I use everyday to make things happen.
iOS is designed by designers.
Android is designed by coders.
There is no comparison in the ease of use and intelligence of interface sequencing.
No contest.
Except for AT&T/Verizon highway robbery.

Haha the ishit5 is too shit, old tech but the isheep will suck on its inipple all day long with their idicks in their hand haha
My last Nokia was N97, it had the WORST screen response, and was so extremely laggy. The Sybian OS wasn't even compatible with the apps I had on the previous Nokia N95. The camera was far worse too. That's when I ditched Nokia forever and got my first Apple. Awesomeness. Never trusting Nokia again.
Lumia looks nicer... Aren't people bored of the way Apple products look...all the same!
And you don't need to sell your kids and mortgage your home just to buy an apple
I have read all of the specs on Lumia and would buy it if not for the fact that it would mean changing carriers. I will never become an Apple fanboy. So, it looks like the Samsung Gallaxy III is going to win my next purchase by default.
oops... tough time for iphone5... God bless ios :D
Gone poet... just now!
+Angus Pearson I am guesting that they are using a more sensitive sensor to to detect the electrical properties on the human finger than standard phones.
the only drawback is windows with extremely expensive software.

the best is nokia 1100 :)
I am seriously thinking of going back to my old moto RAZR flip phone. I refuse to get sucked in this marketing ploy of smartphone manufacturers bringing out new phones every two months (specially apple bringing the relatively the same phone year after year). Do we REALLY need to carry a dual core computer in your pocket at all times??. No wonder number of cancer cases have gone up.. I bet that these devices have negative impact on our health...but we are addicts...can't live without getting the fix. Ooh lumia with wireless charging.. what a rush.
I know that iPhone is not great but Windows?
To bad you're not a good engineer..
It's no one or the other.

It's really ok to like both for their strengths. I get tired of closed minded people bashing something just because they don't like it. 
the smaller screen can actually be a better feature for alot of people ... 0.001% of the people use the NFC chips.  Wireless charging is useless, since you need to plug the charger anyway what is the point (not saying it's not cool but really not necessary)
My god the only reason people get iPhones is because they like iOS. Its personal preference 
Windows Phone is so far ahead of iOS6. I showed a good friend my Lumia 800 recently, and she couldn't believe how much better it was than her iPhone 4S. She even asked why the Lumia isn't more popular than the iPhone. I think it's just because people are too lazy to do their own research, and make their own decisions.
Specs don't mean anything nowadays, it's about whatever the public find easy to use
Haha.. Shiny.. I still love Android over all others.. JellyBean all the way! As for using it with gloves I use my S Pen.. And my Note has NFC as well..
Lumia 920 wins! The iPhone 5 does nothing good, just a very minor incremental update to iPhone 4S. Wonder what Apple is going to include in iPhone 5S/6 - NFC? Wireless Charging? 
put any other old phone in the iphone's place, and it will still only have a few of them. remake this chart.
why not buy a car instead of lumia 
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