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Things I like learning about.

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A fave.

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Magnificent morning Soulbeings!!!, enjoying a short read this morning and thought, "mmmmm, all of this is true of this human experience for mua! and it truly applies to everyone not just Gemini's like I". Here sharing positivity to motivate the magnificence in us all, paying it forward sweet ones!!
Magnificence thoughts, Magnificent feelings, Magnificent manifestations for everyone, WE ARE SURROUNDED BY MAGNIFICENT LOVE, BECAUSE WE ARE, BECAUSE I...AM. (pssst......."magnificent" is the word of my day today :D )

11/3/2016 5:43:17 AM

You should feel blessed to be born under the sign of the Twins! Why? Here are just 5 reasons why Geminis are truly blessed.

1. Our dual nature lets us adapt to any situation.
2. We not only know a lot, but are so effective at communicating that we can teach others what we know.
3. We are able to see at least two sides to every story, giving us valuable perspective.
4. We have more energy than the other signs, making us vital and eternally youthful.
5. Our imaginations let us shut out the bad and focus on the positive.

Ever-changing fashion on a budget - perfect for Gemini!
Everyone knows you're easily bored, and that also goes for your wardrobe. Secondhand shops must love you because you're continually casting out the old to make room for the new.

Money can slip like water through your fingers if you aren't careful, so stock your closets with marked-down bargains when you can. You know you'll only wear them a couple of times before you move on to the next craze that catches your eye.

And don't forget to pin photos of your ingenious ensembles online for everyone to admire (and copy)! You might just find some new inspiration there, too.

You’re a beautiful freak of nature, Gemini, and you excel at these 8 things far more than any other sign!

1. Multitasking.
2. Learning new information and sharing it with others in a way they easily understand.
3. Making time for others no matter how busy they are.
4. Thriving in a hectic, chaotic environment.
5. Daily stressors that make others anxious – we can deal just fine!
6. Criticism, gossip and even bullying – we are tough.
7. Providing insights that are abstract, unique, and very useful.
8. Adapting to changes.

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2013 my son graduated from middle school and they STILL use the punchcard system, LOL. kids do wonder what the darn thing is....LOL.

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stepping outside the box might be scary but so worth learning, living, loving, enjoying what is there :D awesomeness.

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Appreciating all. The pillow where the head lays, the floor slept on for it straightens the back, the water for the bath taken and coffee drunken :D, the cloudy sky that will bring much needed rain, for the fresh air however cold, the darkness seen for there is light and lessons learned, tears shed for there is release in letting go and joy resides, paths crossed friendships built.....for absolutely all. A grateful heart relieves....peace be still, it is aaaaall good sweet souls. 

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beautiful lyrics, music, and artist.

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Failure is not failure it is an experience to learn from, learn it, appreciate it, change the thoughts to more positive ones, and keep moving forward. It's all good. :D 

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