Who was Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez? Will the FBI, the police and society finally pay attention to my cosmic work?

Last night I took Terania to a Greek dine out in Phoenix, AZ and as soon as we walked in, the place was packed with cops! We ordered our food and when we sat next to them, I jokingly said, “Gee, do we feel safe with so many armed cops near us.” They all looked at me a bit odd and suspiciously as if I was from a “different planet” and kept talking to each other.

This is to tell you how cautious nowadays cops are, because they all feel targeted! But what they do not know is; they could become prey of lost infected souls like Mohammad and, at a subconscious level, the reptilius!

In no way could those trained cops kids yet so brave, ever realize the real cosmic scenario their rational well read elites police Supervisors can only laugh about! A few minutes later they all took off! And that would have been that, but Terania insisted for us to go eat outside on the patio and as we we watch them leave the restaurant, ONE of the cops driving by had his window down and waved to us!

I was happy to know, at least at a subconscious level, this cop probably knew I was working endlessly (since 1991) to reach them trying to educate them and save their lives…

As you all know, anything “different” taking place in your life is usually a serious omen induced by your own subconscious. While the US Department of Education does not teach non traditional spiritual/cosmic matters, today’s children flock around my work looking for answers to regenerate their depleted spirit…

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