David Icke special warning * Posted 12/03/2016 * Heed a real Prophet visions. David Icke will suffer a heart attack in February or August 2017 or 2018; Please if you attend his lectures warn him to serioulsly slow down or suffer the price of cosmic ignorance...

Read more Souls born in //////// and ////////// or those born with a moon, rising, a natal or hidden dragon in the sign of //////////// or ///////// (i.e; David Icke / Trump / Madona / Obama / Trump / Schwarzenegger etc.) will be ///////// or //////////// by this dragon, all depending of /////////////. Any affairs by house and sign ruled by /////// or /////// will undergo a full positive/negative retructure.

This dragon and the reptilius are against him and those born in //// and //// I want to warn him. My previous prediction about his legal battle took place and he must heed my warning so he can keep his good work to the world * Read more in 2017 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Forecast
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