David Icke special warning

Posted 12/03/2016 * Heed a real Prophet visions. David Icke will suffer a heart attack in February or August 2017 or 2018; Please if you attend his lectures warn him to serioulsly slow down or suffer the price of cosmic ignorance...

Read more Souls born in //////// and ////////// or those born with a moon, rising, a natal or hidden dragon in the sign of //////////// or ///////// (i.e; David Icke / Trump / Madona / Obama / Schwarzenegger etc.) will be ///////// or //////////// by this dragon, all depending of /////////////. Any affairs by house and sign ruled by /////// or /////// will undergo a full positive/negative retructure.

This dragon and the reptilius are against him and those born in //// and //// I want to warn him. My previous prediction about his legal battle took place http://www.drturi.com/david-icke-defeat-predicted-by-dr-turi-december-1-2011/

Risking China's wrath Dr. Turi's Trump critical predictions unfolding? How can world leaders reign upon others, bring peace and progress when they know nothing of their own selves, their destiny, cosmic make up and karmic UCI? Read and share Pls http://www.drturi.com/risking-chinas-wrath-dr-turis-trump-critical-predictions-unfolding/
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