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Care is like water
Care is like water

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She Who Brings Light into the Darkness
“Teach me the power of the dark” – came to me in a dream. The
dark is where we live until the light comes. In the dark our hearts are
breaking. Our soul is wounded; a black hole in the heart, a dark spell is cast;
it holds fast, and we slide into the dark n...

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Beloved Community: Dreaming the Impossible Dream
Somewhere in every heart is a longing for home. We’ve all
felt that deep ache. I first felt it when I was 7 sent off to summer camp while
my family moved to a new home. The ache was so deep; the resident Collie feeling
a small child’s pain lay down with me ...

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Mother Hummingbird designs and builds her nest. Everywhere in nature there are females creating, nurturing, protecting, tending to the life of the next generation. Every unique creature on this planet comes into being through the creative power of the femal...

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Caring Choices
Choices I wrote the lyrics to a song yet to be written after I heard a TED type talk by Stephan Schwartz author of the Schwartz Report blog. Please consider doing what is asked of you here and help us spread the word.  A one, a two, a one, two, three, four ...

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How Wilma Learned to Walk
Wilma at the Parade  Wilma When I first
heard of Wilma’s life long relationship with Chinook Lands, I had what could only be
described as a moment of sheer grace. She had given so much to this place that had been a healing place for so many, she deserved ca...

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Just in case you think we have time to spare in thinking about Global warming? This is the North Pole. The only snow is in Greenland and Northern Russia. No ice at the North Pole. Poor Santa Claus. 

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You are the Flowers in the Gardens of our Days
Kelsey CrooksJohnson and  Brenna Parrick  holding our two new future employees! Baristas and
waiters, baggers and checkers, store clerks, and bank tellers, workers and
volunteers You are the
trees of our community  stirring up good
energy your
kindness fill...

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