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I have to hand it to +Motorola Mobility .  First they got my bamboo Moto X to me in three days, right before Christmas.

Then they gave me a $10 Google Play credit just for sharing my purchase on Google+.  

Finally,  today I received an email stating they were giving me a $75 coupon code because they lowered prices on the Moto X shortly after I bought mine.  

This is how you treat your customers and get repeat business.  By the way, the Moto X is awesome.

Does anyone know if/when I can buy the Acer C720-P 2600 Chromebook (the Moonstone White touchscreen one)?  

I thought at CES they said they would be available by now but I can't find one available (I'm in the US).

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Always enjoy Battelle's predictions, even if he tends to frame them so it's easy to claim victory.

The climate stuff is eye opening.

Props to +Motorola Mobility .  I ordered the Bamboo Moto X on the 17th, the first day it was available.  Originally they estimated a January 7th ship date, but today I found a brand new Moto X on my doorstep, just 4 days after ordering a brand new material phone.  It's refreshing to see a company underpromise and completely over deliver.

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Just got my Bamboo Moto X on AT&T.  Full disclosure: I"m getting $10 Google Play credit for sharing this.

One disappointment is the estimated delivery date is January 7th...I guess that bamboo manufacturing is going to take a long time.  I mean, I'm close enough to the plant in Forth Worth (Austin) that I could drive and pick it up!

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The Alphabeta blog is the brainchild of former colleague and friend +Tony Yiu   .  I'm going to try and contribute to it now and then...go check it out.

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This has to be the lamest thing Microsoft has ever done, and they've set a pretty high bar in that regard.  It doesn't even appear to be tongue in cheek.  

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Anyone who thinks Moore's Law is coming to an end due to consumer status quo should watch this video.   People might be happy with their cell phones now, but computing will continue to get more powerful and smaller, and the demand will be there when it does.
Someday, Google Glass may be as old fashioned as the flip phone....

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Interesting look inside the founding and development of Twitter.  Lots of drama, apparently.  

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I won't give away any spoilers, but I think the series finale of Dexter may be the worst wrap up of a show I've ever seen.  

Someone needs to chart the ways Breaking Bad and Dexter started and ended.  Both follow the "anti-hero" playbook.  One is a textbook case of how to end a show, one is a textbook case of how NOT to end a show. 
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