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"You are beautiful, you are just in the wrong planet" Lol
Sorry +Michie Manzanilla I didn't read your post before mine, I just wrote it because a friend of mine uses that expresion, so when I read what's written on the pic I thought of that.
+Michie Manzanilla you made me feel bad at first because when I found out why you where asking me that and i read your previous comment it looked like a really cruel comment but now we both are lauguing so no prob, have a great night and even though your pic is a shoe, it's a really beautiful shoe lol just kidding.
Marilyn Monroe quotes will always be relevant
Um, Marilyn died in '62, WAY before size 0 was invented. Good quote, but not hers.
Beautiful Tomorrow Never Comes,
When It Comes It's Already Today!
In Hunt Of Beautiful Tomorrow,
Lets Not Waste The Wonderful Today."

G 0.O D M0rn!Ng
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a majority of quotes claiming to be Marilyn Monroe's are hers, but I assume they were made in the thought of her general sentiment
Ha, who sayid , some body is ugly?.. not for me..
Definitely agreeing with those who point out that it's a lovely sentiment, but that size 0 didn't exist during her lifetime.
Saying "size 0" was probably an overstatement that she used to make a point.
tolonglah saya orang melayu
THIS IS ONLY one place...where ugly comes ilike u
everyone in this world has their own beauty ;3
wth? i dnt knw u stop [osting nonsense
this is so true, beauty comes from within
I am a size 0, but i don't think i'm beautiful
dont say dat grace ... u r beautiful...
Beauty is not just = personality also:)
pretty sure marilyn monroe didnt say that. i could be wrong, but back then we didnt have the media-imposed standards of today.
plus this is grammatically incorrect.
In my profile pic, yes, in any others, not really....
It is not the size that matter, but the heart that matters...
Defintely,be beautiful on the inside,just the way we are!
she was a beautiful and classy lady :) its a shame that no young ladies of this generation follow the lead of classic beauties like her :) im so happy they have a huge statue of her now, she will always be remembered :)
she looks like marilyn monroe so she cant say shit
I'm actually ugly, but it's not just because I'm fat.
Yeah! People are always complaining that they want CURVES!
I don't believe that she said this, the sizing for her generation was different from now. When I was a teenager and only weighed 110, I wore a size 9 , and that was considered as the "size" to be. I was a teenager in the 70's. So that is my thoughts on this. But yes society can be ugly about the "sizer" of a person. I know, I'am no longer a size 9. :)
I'm 5 ft 1 inch and a size 0, (even a 00). Size should be appropriate to height. I'm the appropriate weight for my height. Selling a dream that being a size 0 makes you beautiful (or not) is wrong. Beauty is not about size, it's about being healthy. Forget the numbers and start thinking about your arteries instead.
Regardless of my size, which ranges madly depending what country I am in, I am proud to say that I am short for my age!!
Marilyn Monroe… I salute you!
she had a sad life norma jean she died at 36yrs old no age she was a natural beautie
Maybe she did, but everyone knows her for her famous saying.
is this own made lines or any other has made???.... :p
very nice post, no one is ugly, if ur mind is good, clear, then u r the most lovable one
I wonder if she really said so :-) but of course all sizes are OK and beauty is inside everyone. You just have to let it shine!
beauty liez in d eye of the person dat luk @ it....... lies in d soul ,,,not on the face.......
"Be yourself ..Love yourself ..respect yourself and be happy because you are perfect <3 !!
This will help you gain strength mentally but will kill you physically.
If you want to be a size zero, don't covet, just get to the gym and DO IT!!!
hmmm,... hope for the ugly ones.
very True.............
What does size got to do with beauty, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
if you were ugly, nobody had known you for what u are today....
true - beauty does not comes from figure - its there inside
Leila E
Beauty is a not measurement value.
A great saying however, easier said then done!
Marilyn Monroe never said that.
Do you know that the famouce fation houces in Paris and Melano, ,still using the measures of her body when they make their dezines.
no, just evolution. who wants unhealthy or bad genetics or depression?
I don`t want to tolk about Beauty now,,but I read these words ( Beauty is in the eye of the holder ) So, , what is Beauty?
Define Beauty.
na Ja
pretty sure size zero wasn't invented until way after marilyn's time.
the beauty is inside not out
thankfully...the trend is changing and even fashion designers no longer think skinny models are ideal.
She is beaty wen u no she ain't got the guts 
Actually she was a size six I believe, correct me if I'm wrong
You are just rite. You are wonderfully made
Always felt her as good soul,though a dead one.RIP honey
Preciously few are strong enough to challenge the society disregarding good or ugly it is.Human's body is a social phenomenon.
I am sorry,, I think I must go to another page. Marleen Monro was very beautifull wether you agrry me or not. So good bye.
I like this, but there is no way that Marilyn Monroe said this. Nobody talked about size 0 in the 50's.
alin eu
if you don't trust yourself to think yo're beautiful none will.....but if you are confident that you're beautiful the world will be
But on a serious note, being big is not good for a number of valid reasons besides what society thinks of it, I have started gaining weight and I can feel the difference, I breath heavily, get tired all the time, have bulging stomach that does not look good on most of my tops, I have a problem with my right knee, and to think I only weigh 69kg and I am 26years old imagine what would happen if I gained more weight, lets stop sugar coating being a big person
I love the quote, but I dislike the picture.
Mel Mor
OMG! She's so awesome!! I believe she said it!
small women are not in no more ITS ALL ABOUT THE PHAT GIELS
It's sad that today a size 0 is beautiful. Marilyn was a size 12 and was considered one of the most beautiful women in history...
She was between size 12 and 16. Not size 8!!! She was 5'9" so very well made for her size. Curves belong on women not just on the road. Just like anything else in this world, sizes are all determined by the fads of the day. In renaissance times a thick woman was a sign of beauty. No matter size or weight, who we are is not determined by our waist size but by your size of your heart.
+Alex Rodriguez, Marilyn was a size 12. By today's standards, she would have been a plus sized model. Ridiculous!
beauty z beautiful and ugly is gross,they r two different things which ll always contradict. dn't be confused!
society is now sick of fermension of alkahal, dont have time for Beauty or uglyness....
No way this quote is attributed correctly. "Size 0" is a modern invention (circa 20 years ago). Marilyn was long dead before that.
As long as you are beautiful on the inside, it will show through on the outside. Our society has become so hung up on physical beauty that they look past those who are not withing what is acceptable societal wise. The important thing is that you are Physically healthy(does not mean skinny), You are Kind, Forgiving and most of all tolerant of those who are to ignorant to see the forest for the trees.
I agree because that is the truth. Big frame women with curves are beautiful.
i agree with her, you can't be ugly because everyone's beautiful c:
yeah ur just insensitive to women..
Yes, everyone is beautiful, only it's way of seeing who make you different . So girl's not ugly, the person or society is ugly who critic on any girl's beauty
Agree with Marilyn. A woman made product by society would understand.
I agree with that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside its the inside that counts and there personality!!!!!!
Oh of the most toughing quotes in history. Miss Marilyn Moore truly was blessed.
you kidding me, thats Marilyn Monroe
i wud nvr wanna be a size 0..thats nasty!
That's not a zero, that's an O for "Oh baby do you need a sandwich".
i am happy wd mah figure.wt m unhappy abt is mah height,it could hv bn a bit better!
No,I disagree.... When at times I am a size "O" I am at my best
Dislike your comment, that really hurts. I'm a size 0, always have been and everyone else is in my faimily, and I'm just as healthy as the rest. Slim and round and everything in between, both are beautiful - and to each their preferences. I've been teased all my life for being slim, it's really not fair to pick on us because of the world of mentally ill supermodels.
Lisa Ann, for some people, size 0 is malnurished. Some people are just big boned and just aren't healthy at that size. On the other hand, beign obese isn't healthy either. You, personally, may be "at your best" at size 0, but that doesn't mean everyone else is. js :)
Don't be so sensitive, I'm sorry if I hurt you, I was commenting on the clip. Everyone has issues, not just thin people. Did you even read the comment that was 2 before mine? Aren't you picking on me now ? I am a very loving kind hearted person who has always been a bit of a misfit, but hurting others for any reason is not my style, so again if I offended you I apoligize. Have a great day I have to go get a root canal this morning...OUCH!
wang like this whiteman woman. who is shes?
Whoah, I was just saying a weight loss thing for me ,but is alright I can see your point
has any of you had pleasure to make love to this tender body?
Some people are tall I feel they are lucky so my good attribute is small sizes yes not everyone can be tall or a size "0" for me at I am at goal close to that size,thanks for commenting to me on the subject
wow that seriously just made my day:)
size 0 (or size 6 in the uk i believe) just can't be healthy. i am very, very sure i'll never be a size 0 (uk 6). i like my food too much!
im a size zero, im not anerexic cuz i love to eat and im not bulimic cuz im afraid of vomit. I may not be the most normal sized girl, but i think im beautiful, no matter what size i wear. and that size is normal for me, if it wasn't normal, why would they have that size? Im sexy and i like who I am. do you?
same here !!! i'm also size 0..n think tht's pretty cool....
Well lets see Im not sure but after Vanity Sizing I am sure that Marilyn would wear a size O today in the 1950's she wore a Size 14
lol, that made me laugh, hahahahahahahahahaha
Wang will rap battle marilyn monroe! wang will rap battle anyone
Yet another inspirational article on G+. The other 15 in "what's Hot" didn't quite make it complete...
Good cause no matter how hard I keep trying the 0 isn't looking likely :)
thank you - many people think that being a size 0 is perfect!

we are still beautiful if we're not size 0 - look at marilyn monroe - beyonce, j lo & us!
aah now thats something of a relief to read and realize.....
SO true. Y'all'd better believe it!
No reason to glorify weight gain
Its not about the outside apperance its ab whats in your heart that matters. Prov. 31: 30 says, Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain ...... so yeah!!:)
For the record, a size 0 in the USA is approx a size 6 in Australia - important to remember that when buying clothes on line from the US :(
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