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Hey Walt
I'm just curious do you know how's there's an app for everything?
I just found out that we can get paid for just sharing apps with our friends.
Would it be ok if I showed you how?

go to and watch the short video.

After you watch it email me and i can send you an invite to get started and learn more about this sensation.

Check out this awesome site showing you how to earn a great residual income and help out the environment all at the same time.

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Hey everyone do me a favor and check out this 4 minute video that show's how to help the environment and earn a great residual income at the same time. Thanks
If you're interested in more info don't hesitate to contact me.

Clean Nation by Stream Energy

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Check out what warren buffet has to say!!!!

Warren Buffet Thinks Energy Deregulation will be BIG !!!
Warren Buffet - The World's 3rd Wealthiest Person according to Forbe's Magazine

                                                           Be Part of the Largest Transfer of Wealth in our history!!!

The United States is currently transitioning away from energy monopolies and this deregulation of electricity and natural gas has created an opportunity for you to make a 6 and even 7 figure annual residual income.  That means you put in the work 1 time and you get paid over and over and over again just for people using electricity!
This energy deregulation has been mandated by Congress to be completed by 2015 and this once in a lifetime opportunity will create literally thousands of millionaires across America and you can be one of them.  Will you be one of them?  The evidence is clear!
In an interview with Forbes magazine, Warren Buffett stated, “Energy deregulation will be that largest transfer of wealth in history.”

Why will the deregulation of power create such a huge opportunity? Simple, electricity is used by everyone 24 hours a day! And you will be in a position to be paid a percentage of this trillion dollar industry.
The goal of Stream Energy and Ignite is to be the dominate force in this emerging industry of independent providers of electricity and natural gas.

Check Out This Oppurtunity:

Shoot me a message if you want to find out more
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