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Malo lava fa'afetai for these most important and massively informational series, I thoroughly appreciate the use of these set of videos to inform and empower members of the greater public...especially for the people of these lands, our Hawaiian community.

As a non-Hawaiian settler of Samoan descent, post illegal-statehood, I know even more the role I must play in this period of transition from hewa to pono. So long as I'm blessed to call these here Pae ʻĀina home, I am responsible for this blessed and shared burden to share the information that I've gained with as many people possible.

I hope that in doing so, with my deep heartfelt intentions and intellectual abilities, that one day my descendants can go on living in this place that they may love and can call home with no sense of guilt, shame, or hurt for having done nothing or not enough in the call to right the wrongs of the past. 
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To all you wild bible people out there, take note. Religious fanaticism is a mental disorder. You can be spiritual or religious, and love God, without shoving it down people's throats. Everyone has their own truth. Respect the ones different from yours. The reason Jesus said I am the way and the light was not so you would worship him as an idol, but so that you would follow in his footsteps. He has the right path in the sense that he was a nonconformist to the society, he followed the natural laws, not the ones of rome and he wanted everyone to LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER. I dont know how you all missed all that but go and reread it if you still dont get it. If you are the Christians who are cool, I salute you. I am one of those too. Jesus, among others, has been one of my greatest teachers. Showed me I dont have to be bowing down to authority of man only of the natural God. He was a misfit, like me. I think he is awesome. I also like Buddah for teaching enlightenment. I am part Moroccan but I never got into Muslim but I have been in many churches and participated in many faiths. In the end I chose meditation in nature. I landed on theistic agnosticism, because for me, Religion is man's interpretation of God. I want to be with God alone in nature. That is where I find him. I respect all other religions and faiths, and always think people should do what brings them LOVE and PEACE in their heart. If it doesn't bring either of those, you are probably not in the right religion. Look again. Search like I did. Go to every church of every religion you can. One day you will find the true path for your heart to find peace.
One love, one light.

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Beautiful Honolulu town.
Sunrise from this morning
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As a long time resident and community collaborator, I have gained and learned so much from this special place! You never know until you go..those of you who hear the negative aspects of our narrative, please also look and seek out the positive as well. Aloha and a hui hou!
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