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Live Coverage Of 2012 Grammy Awards

I will be covering the 2012 Grammy Awards live on Google+ and Facebook. My comments will be centered around the fashion component of the awards, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

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Two of my co-workers just called me and reminded me to play nice. For Christmas they gave me a biker shirt that says 'CAUTION: Does Not Play Well With Others!' I will do my best.
60 Minutes is still on. Special on Adele. She does so rock I think.
Nice opener by Bruce Springsteen. Rest in Peace, Clarence Clemons.
Starting the show with a tribute to Whitney Houston is a nice touch. Expected, but nice. She did have a voice.
Bruno Mars sporting a nice Rockabilly pompadour. Sweet. Nice set.
Hadn't really watched Bruno before. Becoming a fan on the spot. How fun.
OMG. Etta James. I forgot we lost her this year too. Nice tribute.
GRAMMY for Best Rap Performance are Jay-Z and Kanye West for "Otis."
Rhianna sporting a rockin curly shag and and rocker look. Very cool. Something new for her. I like the look on her. Performing with Coldplay. The whole look gives her a little more edge than I have seen in the past, and I like edge.
Staging with black lights. Very 70's psychedelic acid rock staging. Very cool.
Not sure where Chipotle is going with their ad. I should never have to figure out what the message of an ad is. Me thinks they need a 'do over'.
Best Rock Performance goes to the Foo Fighters. Made the recording in a garage. Indie cred in place.
Maroon 5, and Foster The People, giving the Beach Boys music props. Very cool. They all sound great.
The Beach Boys. Takes me back to when I was a whale trainer at Sea World San Diego in 1976. Yes I am that old. Get over it. Nice to see the Boys. Puttin out Good Vibrations!
WOW. Paul McCartney. They are really parading the legends this year. Good for the Grammys. Great performance. With Joe Walsh and Diana Krall.
Taylor Swift. Fun staging for "Mean." From the hills of Appalachia to the Staples Center. You go girl. Shut Up West. Fool.
Song Of The Year goes to Adele's "Rolling In The Deep." She is such a class act.
Katy Perry with blue crimped rocker shag hair. Very nice. Debut of new song. "Part of Me." I liked it. I liked the performance too. A little close to a Gaga performance though, but why not. Bottom line I liked it.
Adele had absolutely perfect hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and put on a stunning performance. I do so like her.
Glen Campbell tribute, with Perry and Blake Shelton. Very sentimental. Very moving. For those of you who do not know, Glen has Alzheimer's, has recorded hist last album, and is on his farewell tour. What a great moment. Truly an evening of legends.

God Bless the Rhinestone Cowboy.
And the GRAMMY for Best New Artist goes to Bon Iver, known by some as Justin Vernon.
Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston was simply beautiful. It was all Jennifer could do to keep it together, but she did Whitney proud. Sad day. Great day. I lost interest in the Grammys years ago, but I must say, they put on a hell of a show tonight. Well done.
Album of the Year goes to an astonished-looking Adele for 21. Grammy history. Ties Beyonce for most single night Grammys by a female performer. Congrats.
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