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Steven Watson
There is no Try, Only Do!!
There is no Try, Only Do!!

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Interesting read on Netflix's security alert system. There is also a link in the comments to a video as to why Netflix built their own system instead of using COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf).  I haven't watched the video yet, but it is on my ever growing list.

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Check it out, #free on Google Play Movies!
#LotR #Lord of the Rings

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Guess what is free on the play store today?

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Brings back memories. ..and free right now!

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Wow! This should be interesting. I've been following Nest for a couple of years now and find their Thermostat and Smoke Detector pretty cool. A little pricy, but defiantly cool. This can only improve things.

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I'm a little lost for words with this one.......SMH

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Interesting and kinda cool!

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Anything by +ThePianoGuys and +Manheim Steamroller

Here are some links to some of my favorites I have in my Christmas Playlist:
Anything by these groups is great!

The Piano Guys - Where Are You Christmas?

Mannheim Steamroller - The Little Drummer Boy

Peter Hollens - O Holy Night - Acappella

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells - Christmas Eve in Sarajevo

Cloverton - A Hallelujah Christmas

This last one I came across from another G+ post, and it gives me chills every time Listen to it.

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Free music is always good!! This one brings back memories.
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