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TY; Einstein.
There are 8 primary emotions and each one of them has its own color. The colors you choose in the famous wheel of emotions can determine who you are.

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Geographic Maps
Modern map of Native American Lands throughout these United States

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I consider myself a sweater. I sweat a lot, easily. 😳🏃

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I believe that the Hippo thinks they are cousins")
Maybe so?)
This baby hippo got swept away by a tsunami and a 130 year old tortoise became his new best friend..!

From : Squidoo

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There is an Old Swahili prophecy.....
They chose to hold onto to the French tongue mixed with their ancient mixture of voices.
Much of my African Christians friends in college spoke this. Somewhere along the way one of my friends said it was because, they knew one day they would find one of their mothers since she was from the original tribes.
My friend Spoke this in his tongue, somehow my mind translated the vibrations of his accent.
I remember when I sang amongst them their voices harmonized in tempo with mine.
The memory of the vibrations spoke of a hidden truth, that will eventually be revealed.
The Swahili Tribes will know of these stories of her journey's truth.

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Across Canada there are more than 2 million people working for nonprofits and charities – more than 1 million alone in Ontario. And Canadians contribute millions of volunteer hours to the sector. That represents a bigger labour market than those of most industries, including the mining and automotive industries.

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