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Maury Estabrooks
Husband. Father. Friend.
Husband. Father. Friend.

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Wow, this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life, I literally cried with laughter :).

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AMAZING art. 3.2 million ink dots {by Miguel Endara}
a must see.

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The man gets no break. First he's clobbered by Tom Cruise in The Firm, now this...

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The AndersonSchoepe Eagle Scout Plaza in Santa Ana, CA. The names of Orange County Eagle Scouts are proudly displayed here. It is located outside of the William H. Lyon Scouting Center on Dyer near Grand. 

Thank you Dan Benjamin for the podcast network. 

Sitting on the fence over grabbing a domain name. Not sure that I would use it after dropping $15.00 on it.

Funniest 2:52 minute video I have seen in a while.

Before slipping into another bout of melancholy over the loss of Steve Jobs this Friday during his funeral, I will read the 62 pages of the new iTunes store terms and conditions EULA. 
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