Being Bad with Zoneminder
Using Your Android as a Surveillance Device

OK, I am assuming we are all familiar with the SAGE code of ethics and abide it diligently ( Good, (or if you haven't, read up and raise your right hand), because tonight we are going to be bad. This is the Micro HOWTO of dumping the feed from your Android camera and microphone into a remote high-quality video and audio recording system so it can notify you of motion detection at yet a third location.

The attached photo is us monitoring +Ava Roth's desk courtesy a Sprint 3G connection to my Samsung Epic 4g running Gingerbread, laying here innocently on my desk. The video system you see here is the Linux-based zoneminder ( running on an unmodified installation of Debian 6. The useful applications of this configuration are myriad, but be wise in your implementation- this is for emergency camera backup, investigating trouble spots, keeping an eye on cribs, and other appropriate utilization of the technology.

Micro HOWTO-

1. You already have zoneminder running somewhere, anywhere. apt-get install zoneminder. much of it is not all that easy so take your time and learn the whole system.

2. Download the application IP Webcam from Pas from the Android Market. Use the default settings for this pass, and go right to Start server.

3. You will see a URL with IP number at the bottom of the screen. This live video is available at the URL irrespective of whether zoneminder is integrated.

4. Login to zoneminder as admin, and add a camera. Use these settings:
Source Type == remote
Maximum FPS == 5
Remote Protocol == HTTP
Remote Host == (the ip number in the camera URL, it changes every session)
Remote Host Port == 8080
Remote Host Path == /videofeed
Capture Width == 640
Capture Height == 480

5. Congratulations! You're done. You should be getting excellent quality video at about 5 fps in 3G mode. To turn the camera into a motion detector, make the zoneminder setting Source Type == modetect and add your motion detection zone as desired. Use the Filters command to send email to your SMS (Text Message) gateway on your cell phone. All the motion storage events will be saved on the zoneminder host, regardless of where it is, or where you access it from. Be safe.

P.S. Yes, this probably works with iPhone too.
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