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Pilates Tokyo
Pilates – Haruno vimeo from Moving Presentations on Vimeo.
Our pilates sessions are available as small classes (3 max) or individual sessions.
Top Ballet Dancer and Pilates instructor Haruno Shannon
Haruno Shannon (Yamazaki)
Haruno is a top ballet dancer, trained by master teachers in classical ballet and contemporary dance at the School of American Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Chautauqua Institute of Dance, Ballet School of Stamford, and Greenwich Ballet Academy. She has performed as a principal and prima ballerina in several productions all over the world.  She has lived in New York for most of her life and is a native English speaker, and recently moved back to Tokyo and joined the team at Tokyo Physio. Haruno began Pilates and yoga when she gained a strong interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation after sustaining injuries of her own. She became a certified Romana’s Pilates instructor at the True Pilates Studio in New York City under Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Meija-Santo and has been a sought after instructor in New York and more recently in Belgium, working in some of the world’s top pilates studios. We are very fortunate to have Haruno join us at Tokyo Physio, as of January 2015.

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An ACL Game Changer

Working in a ski side physiotherapy clinic without a medical centre, you end up talking about ACLs (anterior cruciate ligament) a lot. In fact, once we are able to confirm the ACL rupture with clinical tests, I’ve got my speech  down-pat – press play on the tape recording (now mp3 player?) in my brain and spit out my blurb. “You have ruptured your ACL, blah blah blah, it does not have very good ability to heal, blah blah blah, doing your ACL is like getting pregnant – you’ve either done it or haven’t done it, it’s very rarely partially torn…blah blah blah……if you want to continue to do sports that involve twisting regularly, you will probably want to get reconstructive surgery, blah blah blah, the ligament can’t be torn any more so keep moving and weight-bearing, we want to avoid muscle wasting and arrest over-protecting….blah blah blah”. I’ve done it hundreds of times.
This is a public service announcement.
Although some health professionals might not agree with some parts of the blurb, orthopaedic knee specialists who we work closely with always endorse our methods.

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The Team
All the staff at Tokyo Physio are passionate about sports injuries. We are committed to providing you with great service right from from your initial contact, through to the completion of your final treatment. All our therapists are Australian trained and both lead and partake in ongoing education to ensure we are up to date with the latest research.

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Running Assessment Tokyo

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4 Weeks to a Better Back
Have you had a troublesome lower back for longer than you care to remember?

Do you think that an ‘achy’ lower back is just a part of everyone’s life?

back-pain-lg-276x300 Have you been putting off getting it treated for too long?

Get back on track with Tokyo Physio’s ’4 Weeks to a Better Back’ spinal improvement program.

At Tokyo Physio we have been studying and treating lower backs for over a decade and have used our experience to develop a targeted spinal improvement program 4 Weeks to a Better Back.

Spend a focused period of four weeks working on your lower back and get back on track towards leading a pain-free life.

We will use a combination of physiotherapy from our Australian trained physiotherapists, home base exercises, sports massage from our myotherapist and finally Pilates from our accredited instructor in our private studio. Combined we will identify the issues that are causing your back pain and address them, using a multi-disciplinary approach. All treatments and training sessions are conducted in our Tokyo Physio clinic. All treatments should be refundable from your international health insurance.

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Physiotherapy Tokyo

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This complex area requires a full assessment to get to the root of the problem. We address all aspects of these conditions, including core/pelvic stability.

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Tokyo Physio has been the leading provider of sports physio in Tokyo for over a decade. We have native English speaking therapists trained in Australia, which is usually regarded as the world leader in physiotherapy training and research.
All our treatments are booked for one hour and completely one to one, so you receive undivided attention of your therapist and we have the opportunity to conduct a complete assessment of your condition and still leave ample time for treatment. Each consultation will include history, diagnosis and treatment and we pride ourselves on educating our patients so that they can play an active role in their rehabilitation.

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Natal Exercise Classes

If you are expecting a baby why not consider one of our natal classes.
Our breathing classes help you learn the techniques to manage pain during labour. classes are typically 2-5 coupls and take about 2 hours. For more information contact the clinic.
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