Well, I decided to do some serious blurb-writing and knock off the entire Biblical section today. These blurbs are actually easier to write since most of my students are familiar with these topics, and for some students they are VERY familiar. That takes the burden off me, compared to other units where I fear that the students have NOTHING to attract them, no prior knowledge or questions to draw them in. With the Biblical and related topics, students usually have all kinds of questions, in addition to being surprised (in a good way) to find them included in the class. So, here is the first of a serious of blurbs for this morning. And when I'm done, I will be ahead of schedule for the blurbs, whoo-hoo!
Here's the blurb for Saints and Animals, a lovely book by Abbie Farwell Brown that I have always wanted to include in my class. And now... it is included! 
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