I am REALLY excited about the new unit I am able to include in my course now, based on Hanauer's Folk-lore of the Holy Land: Moslem, Christian and Jewish. Probably the single most important theme I want to emphasize in my class is how stories generate stories, over time and over space, as people share their stories with one another. For centuries, Jews, Christians and Muslims have shared a space in the Middle East, telling stories about Adam, Abraham, Noah, etc., and Hanauer's wonderful book brings together a wealth of those stories, with a strongly Islamic emphasis, so that makes it a perfect complement to the Jewish and Christian folklore in Week 3 of my class; this unit belongs to the Mideast module in Week 4. Plus, it has my all-time favorite story from the Koran: Moses and El-Khidr, better known in European tradition as "Parnell's Pilgrim." SO HAPPY!
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