By the way, I have to add that I am really proud of what I have done here by bringing all six of Judson's books together in one place like this ( One of her books is at Sacred Texts  (California - Southwest) and that is, in fact, how I first made her acquaintance many years ago, and three are at Gutenberg (California - Southwest, Great Plains, and Mississippi - Great Lakes), but three are at sources like Internet Archive or Google Books or Hathi which have page images only, so that means I had to slog my way through OCR to come up with these reading units. It was well worth it, though; I would give anything to have a conversation with Professor Judson and learn more about her. Maybe if I can find the time I will do some research about her. Her book series deserves more credit, IMHO. The books have their failings, sure, as do any of the anthologies of that time (her books range from 1910 to 1917), but it is one of the great pleasures of my course redesign this summer to be able to make all six of her anthologies part of my course! 
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