Things are really not looking good over at Janux. Poking around, I found that I had left a comment for someone who works at Janux way back in September, asking why there were no notifications. So, it is now four months later - still no notifications, recent activity apparently broken, and really nothing much at all going on in the not-for-credit version of the History of Science class. I understand why people are not motivated to participate - Kerry's class materials are excellent, but it is a pretty unrewarding space in which to participate and contribute. The sheer emptiness of the thing makes for a very sad feeling. If there are no other essays or resources posted this weekend, and if I don't get any comments on my posts, I'm not even sure I will carry on. The course materials are great but, honestly, I have a hundred books I could sit down and read, without having this Janux frustration.
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