Well, I have to say KUDOS to the guys at Desire2Learn... normally I budget appx. 8 hours per course to adjust all my course object dates every semester (ugh, it is the task I dread the most of getting ready for school), since in the past I have had to do that manually... but this semester, thanks to the magic power of OFFSET DATE I was able to reduce that 8 hour task to about 45 minutes!!!
For those of you at the University of Oklahoma, in case you want to take advantage of this EXCELLENT new feature at Desire2Learn:
For Weeks 1-7 of the Fall semester we are 217 days ahead of Spring 2011.
For Week 8 - use caution! That was Spring Break of Spring 2011.
For Weeks 9-12 of the Fall semester we are 210 days ahead of Spring 2011.
For Week 13 - use caution! That is when Thanksgiving falls in Fall 2011.
For Weeks 14-15 of the Fall semester we are 217 days ahead of Spring 2011.
I was able to automatically offset my dates for 13 weeks of the semester, leaving me just two weeks (Week 8 and Week 13), where I had to fiddle a little bit, using a mixture of automated and manual date changes.
THANK YOU, Desire2Learn! I have been waiting for this literally for years, and it will save me a solid two days of course preparation time that I can devote to something far more worthwhile than manually adjusting dates in the system.
I am VERY grateful.
You will find this genius new feature in the Edit Course - Manage Dates menu, as shown in the screenshot below. #desire2learn #lkgd2l
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