Well, this looks promising! OU faculty, students, and staff just got access to lynda.com at a lynda.ou.edu installation. I checked, and there are some writing-related courses, including a grammar overview. The videos are not exactly thrilling, but they are definitely watchable, and they have a great transcript that you can use to read instead of watch OR to navigate the video (click on a chunk of text in the transcript and video goes there). So, I think I see a new extra credit thing happening here; I could pick out some good videos, ask students to watch them, and have them write a quick blog post with their reactions so I could find out which videos are useful, not useful, questions students still have not answered by the videos, etc. Anyway, it's SOMETHING. I've been frustrated by lack of support anywhere on our campus (including Writing Center) where students can get systematic review material for writing mechanics. I think we now have a solution! So, I will post more on this later. Obviously I need to check out the tech stuff... but I was excited about the possibly of some help with writing here too!
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