So, I was out of the loop all day today because I had an outpatient medical thing that took up the whole day. Truth be told: I was dreading it. But from the first nurse who got me started until the last one who wheeled me out the front door, everybody was fabulous. Thorough, attentive, smart, funny, exactly what I needed to feel confident about what was happening and to set aside my fears (and I really was scared; I am pretty phobic about most medical things). So, there were 5 nurses I had contact with, plus the doctor himself (he was born in CRACOW even - how cool is that? so we got to chatter a little in Polish before things got started)... and every one of them was great. I was assigned this particular doctor by the roulette wheel that is Duke Medical, and I picked him because of his admittedly convenient location and his Polish name (bingo for the Polish name, ha ha)... so, yes, I got lucky. My husband had this same thing done a couple years ago, and his experience was the opposite in every way - aloof doctor, indifferent nurses. Now, in terms of objective medical estimates, I'm guessing the medical staff in both locations were competent, and the great bean-counters of the world would say my husband and I had the "same" thing done, and, in terms of checklists and such, I guess we did. But our experiences were very very very different because of the human factor: I had fabulous nurses and a doctor with a great bedside manner. In short:  they gave a damn... and on that subject, I will share here this item from IHE: the Give-A-Damn-eter! Crucial in both medicine and in education!
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