I'm getting caught up on some housekeeping tasks for the UN-textbook, one of which is to create a bibliography reference page for each of the books I have used as a source for the reading units. For each book, I want to include a link to the unit for which it is the source, along with different types of online editions: Gutenberg (various formats), Internet Archive (various formats), Sacred Texts (HTML), Google Books (online+PDF), Hathi Trust (online+PDF), Kindle ebook (preferably free!), and LibriVox for audio, along with any other especially useful online sources that might pertain to a given book (for example, Baldwin Project, Sur La Lune, Lit2Go, etc.).
At some point ... soon! ... I need to write up a guide for students so they can appreciate what each of these online resources offers and how they can choose what best suits their reading preferences, in addition to my own presentation of texts/images at the un-textbook. :-)
So, here are the African books:
See the blog sidebar for the other book groups (Classical, Biblical, etc.).
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