Whoo-hoo: the Biblical blurbs are all done. So, that means now when students look at the Biblical units listed all together on one page, there are blurbs for all of them:
So also for the Classical units:
And Native American (which is a double-unit, a whole module unto itself with 16 reading options):
So, that means that ONE-THIRD of the units are more-or-less open for business and ready for visitors... which is a reassuring thought to go with the feeling of dread that occasionally seizes me when I realize there are less than six weeks left for me to finish this colossal job.
But the spreadsheet assures me that all will be well, so I do not despair! I just keep on moving on, keeping up with the schedule, putting my faith in the power of one day at a time!
You can see the overall content plan here:
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