Native American anthology overviews.  Argh, I really find it hard to write up these brief overviews that try to encapsulate each reading unit in just 150 words, more or less. Anyway, I've finished reading through all the Native American units (all 16 of them!), and the stories all look good. So, I've started adding the overview blurbs, and I managed to do half of them today, the ones about the anthology units... I'll finish the rest tomorrow I guess (honestly, I would rather read 10 stories than write a single blurb, ha ha). Thanks to my new label system and playing around with date/time stamps, I've now got all the Native American units listed on a single page in order, and the overview blurbs are available for the first half - the 6 units based on Judson's regional anthologies, and the 2 units based on Thompson's Tales of the North American Indians. I guess since I don't really like writing these overview blurbs, I should add that as a column in my spreadsheet to make sure I do not fall too badly behind now that the modules really are taking shape!
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