And yep, it's looking pretty grim at the Janux Globalization class in which I am nominally enrolled. We never got an email to tell us the class was open, no weekly emails... after the first week was over (so, one week ago) the instructor did put up a welcome message urging us to "engage in the conversation" (see below) but without telling us how (it's an interesting problem: she is running a F2F version of the class on campus, and it is apparently totally walled off from his open class in Janux - no interaction between the two "sections" of the class at all from what I can tell). As you can see, a couple of students do indeed have questions (but there are very very very few active participants: 14 people have introduced themselves; no one has replied to anyone else's introduction)... no telling how long their questions have been sitting here waiting for answers since, as you can see, there is no time/date stamp on the replies. What a mess.
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