So, last week (Week 5) was my busiest week of the semester: it's when the projects really start to take shape and I have SUBSTANTIAL assignments from all the students to read and reply to (either their Storybook Introduction or the first Portfolio story)... amazingly, I did not have to work on Saturday morning, which is usually what happens at this point in the semester. I am feeling tired but VERY happy. I decided to do a big Inoreader clean-up today, in hopes of getting a better flow now with NON-class-related content. The first five weeks of the semester, I am so focused on getting the students started with their blogs and projects that other stuff tends to get set aside. Now, though, I am ready for a rest-of-semester routine where I have a little more PD time. I've gotten very good results from doing the inbox-zero approach, and I decided to try to make use of the Inoreader dashboard for some of the effect! I created some must-read categories, school and non-school, and put them on the dashboard, with a Twitter stream off to the right. Still tinkering, but I think this could be useful. Hoping good things! #OpenTeachingOU  ... I should note that my email is so NOT important. These feeds and other social networking streams are what make each day a learning adventure! :-)
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