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Laura Gibbs
Dedicatedly digital... teaching online for 10+ years. :-)
Dedicatedly digital... teaching online for 10+ years. :-)
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When they are funny, they really ARE funny:

Oozing slowly across the dish, Kevin watched the egg yolk.
[don't you want yolk to be a verb? ha ha]

Gasping for his last breath, the professor killed the cockroach.

Grooming each other, my professor and I saw the kittens.

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And again from Oklahoma... thanks to +Karen Peck for excuse to share this piece of history again.

The Tulsa race riot started with newspaper reports that a black man had assaulted a white elevator operator. He was arrested, and Franklin says black World War I vets rushed to the courthouse to prevent a lynching.

“Then whites were deputized and handed weapons, the shooting starts and then it gets out of hand,” Franklin says. “It went on for two days until the entire black community is burned down.”

More than 35 blocks were destroyed, along with more than 1,200 homes, and some 300 people died, mostly blacks. The National Guard was called out after the governor declared martial law, and imprisoned all blacks that were not already in jail. More than 6,000 people were held, according to the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum, some for as long as eight days.

“(Survivors) talk about how the city was shut down in the riot,” Gardullo says. “They shut down the phone systems, the railway. . . . They wouldn’t let the Red Cross in. There was complicity between the city government and the mob. It was mob rule for two days, and the result was the complete devastation of the community.”

Via +Keith Wilson​

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This WCET report has resulted in some good discussions, which is great. I am worried, though, that as so often, people will just take away the (misleading) factoid and proceed on the assumption that "online costs more" as opposed to having a discussion that is in-depth and wide-ranging about what we MEAN when we say "online" and "cost" and even "more" (i.e. more for whom...?)
Thanks to +Phil Hill for the post!

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And here again is the great video I mentioned in the previous post!

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Very cool!
The story of Shen Nong, born of a princess and heavenly dragon, and teacher to the ancient Chinese of agriculture and herbal medicine:

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There's a wonderful documentary about Curtis's story: Coming to Light: the Edward S. Curtis Story. 
OMG - an extensive online gallery of beautiful photos from that book set that always fetches huge bucks on Antiques Road Show. Well worth your time to view. The nobility of true Native American culture before it was diluted by exposure to European influence - and a landmark in the history of American photography. 

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I'm in the don't-go-into-debt camp. I put myself through UC Berkeley (back in the good old days!!! 1980s) all on my own with no debt, and I had a full ride for grad school (it's the only reason I decided to go). Not being in debt gave me the freedom to make career decisions based on what I really care about... if I had had student debt to pay, I would not have had that freedom. 
This family had a wake-up call. Good grades - and a family's real-world inability to afford a public college - don't necessarily get you financial aid. Middle-class families may no longer be able to afford out-of-state schools.

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Oh, I had not seen this! I use a lot of Pixar infographics already, so this might be really useful! Sharing to remind myself to explore, and thanks to +George Station forthe share
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