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Richard Eisele

Obama Administration now supports homosexual adult males raping little boys. And will punish you if you try to stop it.

TODAY the president said nuke deal with Iran best deal without the option of war to stop them. WE ARE AT WAR......WITH OBAMA, KERRY, AND ALL PROGRESSIVE POLITICIANS...GET YOUR GUNS AND AMMO READY to act on our 2nd amendment rights, or America will cease to exist, in months, not years.

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THIS IS OBAMA's FAULT: Pull troops out of Iraq, no sanctions on Iran leaders of Terror,  reduction in US troops and Navy.

What kind of world are we living in?  Obama, anti-American, pro-Iranian, anti-CHRISTian, anti-Jewish, pro-radical Muslim has now used the power of the US presidency to aid world terrorism in his Marxist ideals.  At the same time a survivor of the most white on white genocide of the modern world, is now razing funds to do what the US should be doing: to save Christians from ISIS, who Obama supports.

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If you are a parent, or know someone who has a baby, or you are alive and breathing YOU SHOULD BE OUTRAGED!!!!!  OH NO, a human being is not a life until it has been birthed, HUH!!!  Progressive liberal practices, all of them are dehumanizing, the baby boomers, the teens and 20 somethings of the 60's had their parents generation, WW2 generation do something great, these people's legacy is evil, death, destruction, and chaos that leaves their weak spirited kids and grandkids without the tools to clean up their mess.  The NAZI'swere not this evil, but ISIS is: the consequence of Roe v. Wade: Planned Parenthood Death Factory selling dead kids body parts.

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We need to put guns and ammo in the hands of every law abiding, non politically liberal progressive in the country, to protect against every mosque in the USA, and the empowered racist hate groups in this country like the black panther party, Nation of Islam, and NAACP. It looks like generation X was sold a lie in buying into the civil rights movememt ideals. Martin Luther King Jr. Is turing over in his grave, to see his movement turn to goverment sanctioned hate of white and non muslim peoples.

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News writers today, especially public school educated politically progressive indoctrinated ones, blind about historical context. The younger they are the more lost to the blackness of their biased dangerous souls. Too ignorant to challenge their own ideology. Beware of propaganda like this article.

I am hearing self confessing repiblican media personalities, mostly female, not taking the possibility of Donald Trump seriously. I think because he is not aligned with the status quo of feminism without accountability. Of every daily issue the U.S. faces, it is impotent because the country is broke and beholden to China. To be great again, we have to be self sufficient and exceptional again. Only debt free and self sustaining, can the United States be a force for good in the world again, and not the embarrassment we have been lead into currently.

May GOD bless the US again sometime soon!!

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