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free training to let you manage your life as well as your career
free training to let you manage your life as well as your career

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When is a memo the appropriate means of communication in business? When you want to communicate informally to colleagues within the company. A memo is often deployed to give information to people that might affect them.
Or you might use a memo to communicate information to people who are in a contractual relationship with the company, such as suppliers or subcontractors to your company.

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It’s depressing when you keep applying for jobs and not getting them, or worse, not even getting a reply or an interview. What can you do?
My advice is to begin with reviewing the market and the successful candidates and their skills. You can also talk to recruiters and ask for feedback on your application

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There are some conventions that are used when writing a business or formal letter. By “conventions” I mean that these principles are often used.
Keep in mind that the objective is to communicate clearly, and to achieve this you should write as simply and clearly as possible , and don’t make the letter longer than necessary .

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We are asked daily to supply a standard sector specific CV. There is no such thing! A CV is a document that is personal to you.
The words Curriculum Vitae are from the Latin, and can be translated as the “course of a person’s life”. So a CV is a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous occupations.
A CV is then tailored by an applicant for a specific position and should represent them and their particular skills and experience, and enable the employer to understand the person and assess their suitability for an advertised job.
How can that be “off the shelf “? An effective CV is tailor made for every job application.

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What is a contact report? Similar to meeting minutes, but more likely to be used between a service supplier and their client.
This is a very effective way of logging progress on a project. It is also a good starting point for preparation for the next meeting, and helps to ensuring the actions agreed at this meeting are completed before the next meeting.

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We get a large “postbag “of queries, with readers asking for advice about problems they are facing in their work, perhaps difficult situations, or awkward scenarios.
I use some of these as examples for everyone to benefit from. It is often enlightening to understand the problems others face. You may be experiencing similar difficulties yourself.

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Writing minutes for meetings is an important business skill .The style, format and content depends on the business size and culture and its level of formality,
This informal guide does not cover the fulfilment of any statutory requirements, such as those for the Minutes for a Public Company, or the Annual General Meeting, which have to conform to certain regulations.

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Writing a business report? Where do you even start with this? This post will help you define your objectives, understand the topic, scope the report and plan and structure it so that it effectively targets the readership.

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What should you do when you have more qualifications than required for the job, but you want the job anyway?
You can either not declare all your qualifications, just those required for the job, or tell the truth and explain your reasons in your cover letter. We explore the options.
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