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this is cool
Bioluminescense is light produced by a chemical reaction which originates in an organism. There are a variety of examples of it, but most come from creatures in the ocean. This image comes from this National Geographic website: and what you're seeing here is phytoplankton.

I did not take this shot, but I'm sharing it because I want to seek out something like this... Anyone know where this is going on in the world right now? I'd love to go see it and photograph it. If you start searching and finding other cool photographs, please hashtag them so I can see what you find. #bioluminescence

Here's an old-school website about the phenomena:

i've networked more on Google Plus in 2 weeks than i have in Facebook over 5 years. people say Google Plus is a ghost town. wrong. it's a deal town. #googleplus

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love this new music video from Train Train - Drive By #Train #DriveBy

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the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins are FOOLS if they don't make a deal for Tebow ... #timtebow #peytonmanning #miamidolphins #jacksonvillejaguars #nfl

my bracket could really use a Kentucky loss. go Iowa State!! #MarchMadness #NCAA

UNC Ashville is beating Syracuse at the half here in Pittsburgh!! Could this be the first #1 seed to ever go down in the first round of the Men's NCAA Tournament? #MarchMadness #NCAA

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"For much of the technology which Facebook is based, Yahoo! got there first" - according to Yahoo. To which Friendster should reply, "For much of the technology which Yahoo! is based, Friendster got there first".

don't forget it's Daylight Savings Time day. spring forward!!

my first impression of Google+ is that it's pretty good for networking. that's certainly something. i can't stand LinkedIn and Twitter just doesn't have the bang for the buck.
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